From Bridgetown to Reykjavik

Connecting Oceans, Nature and Wellness

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13 days

Deepen your knowledge of the oceans on this 14-day, science-focused cruise at sea, and enrich your wellbeing at the same time.

Before your journey across the Atlantic begins, we’ll visit the picturesque island of Dominica, with its mountainous, volcanic landscapes. 

Understanding our oceans 

As you sail from Bridgetown to Reykjavik, you’ll be able to take part in an engaging programme of hands-on lectures, workshops and classes that cover topics like marine biology and the history of sea navigation from the Vikings till now.  

Learn from enthusiastic Expedition Team members, handpicked for their expertise, and use microscopes in the ship’s Science Center to explore the ocean’s hidden ecosystem. There will also be Citizen Science projects to sink your teeth into, connected to important live research worldwide. 

Finding inner peace 

It’s not all facts and figures though. Rest and relaxation are important too. Take many a moment to just stop, watch the waves, reflect, and enjoy some precious ‘me time’. 

You’ll also have the chance to reset your mind, body and soul through yoga, meditation, and movement practices, guided by a wellness team of specialised instructors. If you find the arts more soothing, you can channel your inner artists in one of our arts & crafts classes.  

By the end of your journey, you might find you’ll leave the ship a different person to when you first boarded; spirits lifted and a mind bursting with new knowledge.

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Expedition Cruise

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Facilities on board

Route overview

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Embarkation in Barbados 

Day 1

Mountain paradise by the sea 

Day 2

Relax into nature’s rhythms

Day 3

Oceans, nature and you

Day 4-12

Findings and conclusion

Day 13

The end of the adventure

Day 14

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