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We work with various organisations to preserve and protect our planet

Walking through Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isles of Scilly, British Isles. Photo: Tom Woodstock / Ultrasharp

We pride ourselves on our core values that underpin day-to-day life here at Hurtigruten. Through our partnership programme, we are constantly looking at ways to give back to the communities, people, and wildlife we meet on our Expeditions. We carefully select organisations, projects, and companies that share and embody these core values.

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Supporting Wildlife

You’ll encounter a range of wildlife during your expedition with us in the sea, in the air, or on land. We love sharing these experiences with you and want to ensure there are many of these to come for future generations. This is why we have partnered with several organisations that are focused on protecting and conserving our planet's wildlife.

Preserving History & Culture

For 130 years we have been sailing around Norway and the world. In that time we have experienced a wide range of cultures and history that make the destinations we explore so unique and special. At Hurtigruten, we want to ensure this history and culture is around to inspire and educate future generations, which is why we have partnered with a range of organisations focused on just that.

Empowering People

Through our Expeditions we aim to inspire and educate our guests, opening their eyes and minds to a world of possibility and wonder. However, we want to ensure we inspire both future generations and those who haven't made it onboard one of our cruises - which is why we are supporting a range of organisations and projects that empower individuals.


We understand that the inspiration to travel and explore the world comes in many forms - which is why we have launched sponsorship with Classic FM, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild and Sky Nature.

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