UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

Penguins in front of the old building in Port Lockroy, Antarctica. Photo: Marsel van Oosten

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, is Britain's leading organisation focused on the care and conservation of historical sites and monuments on the frozen continent. The UK has a rich history with 250 years of exploring, researching and protecting Antarctica, which the trust looks to incorporate within its public programmes and engagements.

Currently, the trust maintains six former British Bases the most famous being Base A, Port Lockroy. This was Britain's first permanent base on the Peninsula, founded in 1944 and remained in operation until 1962. Today, Port Lockroy consist of three building housing a museum, shop, staff accommodation and the infamous Penguin Post Office. The remaining five bases are dotted around the Antarctic Peninsula from Damoy Hut, HSM No. 84 in Dorian Bay to Wordie House, HSM No. 62 on Winter Island.

A Voyage to Antarctica | Podcast Series

We are proud to support series 3 of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust's A Voyage to Antarctica podcast series.

Searching for Endurance

Episode 1 | With Dan Snow

Alok Jha talks to award-winning history broadcaster and best-selling author Dan Snow about being part of the Endurance22 mission and what it was like to witness the moment Ernest Shackleton’s lost ship was found at the bottom of the Weddell Sea.

Bird Girl in Antarctica

Episode 2 | Mya-Rose Craig

Alok Jha talks to Mya-Rose Craig, aka Bird Girl, 20-year-old British-Bangladeshi birder, race activist and environmentalist, about travelling to Antarctica and the impact the icy continent has had on her climate activism.

Creatures of the frozen seas

Episode 3 | With Dr. Huw Griffiths

Alok Jha talks to Marine Biologist Dr. Huw Griffiths about the weird and wonderful life that is being discovered underwater in Antarctica; teaching us incredible things about our planet’s deep past, and even revealing some secrets of the universe.

The Ice Maiden

Episode 4 | With Sophie Montagne

Alok Jha talks to explorer and UKAHT Head of Operations Sophie Montagne, a member of the British Army’s Ice Maiden Expedition, which in 2018, became the first all-female team to cross Antarctica using muscle power alone.

All models are wrong

Episode 5 | With Dr. Tamsin Edwards

Alok Jha talks to climate scientist Dr Tamsin Edwards about how her pioneering work in modelling the impact of ice sheet & glacier melt on rising sea levels is predicting the future of the planet.

Extreme by design

Episode 6 | With Hugh Broughton

Alok Jha talks to award-winning polar architect Hugh Broughton, to find out what it takes to design buildings where people can live – and even thrive – in the world’s most extreme conditions.


The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust is a registered charity in England & Wales No: 1160847

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