Sunday Times: Big Shot Photography Competition

We know how much you love to travel and share your beautiful pictures which is why we are the proud sponsors of the 2022 Sunday Times - Big Shot photography competition.

A polar bear in Churchill, in the Canadian province of Manitoba

Our favourites!

Over the last year thousands of you entered the competition, submitting your best and most inspiring travel pictures from around the world. We selected just a few of our favourite pictures and enjoyed spending time going through them all.

Above image: Great White by Mark Hunter

This years winners are...

Overall Winner | Stable Relationship

2nd Place | Board Meeting

3rd Place | Flying Visit

Hopping District

Out of the blue

Make a splash

Fools Gold

Chilly Season

Caught Red Handed

Learned Friend

Face Off

Flying Colours

Bottoms Up

Tough Crowd

Land Blubbers

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