Adventures to move body and soul

From the boiling geysers of Iceland and the ethereal beauty of Greenland to the historic ports, cities and wild places of Europe – there’s an expedition cruise experience for everyone 2024/25.

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Explore hidden treasures and fascinating history

From historic ports such as France’s Saint-Malo and Portugal’s Porto, to windswept Land’s End peninsulas jutting out into the Atlantic, and bustling cities like Amsterdam, Hamburg and Lisbon – there’s so much to discover on a European expedition cruise. You’ll visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and uncover the rich history and cultures of regions including Galicia, the Basque Country, Brittany, Harlingen and more.


A remote and amazing icy wonderland

Greenland is beautiful in ways you can’t imagine. Witness delicately hued icebergs sparkling in the sun, immense landscapes where musk oxen and Arctic foxes are the only ones to leave footprints, and colourful settlements where the locals invite you in to tell their stories. There’s something special about Greenland, and you’ll get to discover it for yourself on one of our expedition cruises.


Where ice meets fire

Like an open-air geological cauldron, Iceland is a place of epic panoramas, breathtaking scenery and fascinating myths. Discover its hot springs, geysers and waterfalls, and bathe in rejuvenating waters heated by rocks from deep within the Earth’s crust. You’ll fall in love with Reykjavík – a dynamic modern city with roots going down into it Norse past. An expedition cruise to Iceland will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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