National Geographic

We are the proud sponsors of National Geographic and National Geographic Wild.
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See the world differently with National Geographic

National Geographic believe in the power of science and exploration. It’s the go-to channel for those wanting to watch compelling and entertaining stories and documentaries from around the world.

National Geographic Wild excites and inspires people’s passion for animals and the world we share. Through incredible cinematography and engaging storytelling, their shows will take you on a journey and bring you closer to the wild world.

Having been inspired by the shows on National Geographic and National Geographic Wild - Hurtigruten Expeditions will take you on awe-inspiring journeys, visiting the world’s most beautiful and pristine regions. Our modern-day ships can take you to those destinations far off the beaten track and our captains work with the elements to seek out exciting opportunities, setting a course for adventure. Whilst sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and our aim is to leave a footprint we are proud and protect the wildlife and communities we visit.

Do you feel inspired to explore yourself?

From the unique wildlife of the Galápagos Islands to the rugged natural beauty of the land of fire and ice, Iceland. Chose to explore closer to home and discover a different side of the British Isles, or go to the end of the earth to discover the frozen landscapes of Antarctica. Whatever the interest, we have the perfect expedition for you.