Galápagos Islands: Be Awed By Nature

Explore the islands, forged in fire that changed our understanding of the natural world. Amble alongside giant tortoises and marvel at the magnificent waved albatross. It's a truly otherworldly adventure.

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Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin

Sometimes called the 'living laboratory', the remote Galápagos Islands will inspire you to think about the natural world differently. The wild beauty and unique ecology of these volcanic islands captured the heart of Charles Darwin in 1835 and it's sure to do the same for you.

Explore the vast archipelago on our small expedition ship with our expert Galapagos guides. They'll lead you on excursions and activities including kayaking, nature walks, snorkelling, and wildlife watching, as well as lead lectures and talks on wildlife and current conservation efforts.

How will you be awed by nature?

Our expedition cruises to the Galápagos Islands will take you walking with giants, exploring volcanic landscapes and diving into crystal waters. An experience beyond your imagination.

Meet the fleet: MS Santa Cruz II

After a day of following in Darwin´s footsteps, you will enjoy coming home to a casual atmosphere on board MS Santa Cruz II – the smallest ship in our fleet with only 90 guests. Like all our ships, MS Santa Cruz II is environmentally sustainable and every focus is made to ensure our exploration around the Galápagos is carbon neutral.

Digital Magaine: Adventure in remote archipelagos

In this issue of our digital magazine, we take a deep dive into one of our newest and most exciting destinations - The Galapagos Islands. We take a walk with giants! Giant Tortoises, that is and learn more about the race to help and protect these gentle giants from extinction. Meet local guide, Ramiro Tomala and learn about his role as a member of the Hurtigruten Expedition Team in the Galapagos or take a look around our newest ship MS Santa Cruz II, your home away from home amongst these iconic islands.