Find your paradise and go off the beaten track...

From exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, soaking up the vibrant culture of Central America or discovering nature you won’t find anywhere else in the Galapagos Islands we’ve got you covered.
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The Galápagos Islands: Be awed by nature

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and discover the iconic Galápagos Islands islands home to unique wildlife. Go truly off the beaten track and stroll with giants - tortoises that is. 

Explore the Galápagos

Central and South America: Explore Further

Indulge your senses and soul on an expedition of discovery around Central & South America. Bursting with culinary delights, ancient cultures and archaeological treasures, diverse ecosystems, and dramatic awe-inspiring landscapes.

Explore Central & South America

West Africa & Cape Verde: Adventure Awaits

Blending unique local cultures with remarkable biodiversity, you will be on a constantly fascinating journey. With its rocky volcanic scenery and saltwater lagoons, our expeditions to West Africa & Cape Verde will take you off the beaten track and into paradise. 

Explore West Africa & Cape Verde