Green Upgrades

Sustainable sailing for the coast we love

By 2025, in one of the largest environmental ship upgrades in Europe and in our 130-year history, we will have transformed our fleet with major upgrades.

Three ships will be upgraded to hybrid electric power and our entire fleet in total will be more energy efficient, cutting CO2 emissions by 25% and NOx by 80%.

New hybrid electric technology on three of our ships means our guests can sail The Coastal Express on quieter and more environmentally friendly ships.

It is a greater way to enjoy ‘the world’s most beautiful voyage’ – our famous route along the Norwegian coast that we founded in 1893.

Environmental Upgrades

Certified biofuels

From approved sustainable sources

CO2 emissions cut by -25%

Thanks to the full suite of environmental upgrades and the use of biofuels.

Free from unnecessary single-use plastic

With biodegradable or long-lasting, high-quality alternatives

Minimised energy use

Through new propeller blades, new bulbous bow, new gears, and new control systems on some of our ships

NOx emissions cut by -80%

To achieve Tier III status – the highest international standard for NOx emissions

Four hybrid-powered ships

With large battery packs

State-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems

To minimise emissions to sea

Streamlined hulls

That optimise inertia and reduce drag when sailing

Shore-power connectivity on all ships

That allow them to ‘plug in’ to electricity when docked in port, reducing emissions when shore power is available.


Meet the family

Each ship in our fleet is a well-known character on the coast, much loved by locals and guests across generations.

Learn the meaning behind the ship names and get to know the nuances between each. Which ship will you travel on?