Travel Guide to the Galápagos Islands

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There are countless reasons why the Galápagos Islands are an extraordinary destination. This collection of remote islands is home to some of the most unique wildlife species on the planet. When you visit the Galápagos Islands with Hurtigruten, you will be submerged in breath-taking beauty, with the opportunity to encounter a diverse selection of flora and fauna. Winding through the volcanic terrain, you will be awe-struck by the iconic beauty and immense views.

Experience More

When travelling to the Galápagos Islands with Hurtigruten Expeditions, you’ll have the chance to explore both land and sea, with daily excursions including:

  • Guided expeditions through National Parks on multiple Galápagos Islands

  • Kayaking and paddle boarding adventures through tropical waters

  • Whale and dolphin watching on small-boat excursions

  • Snorkelling amongst the immaculate marine life

  • Exquisite dining and shopping experiences in quaint yet cultured shops and restaurants

On the Wild Side

One of the most defining factors of Galápagos is the wide selection of animal species that are endemic to the islands. The “Big 15” animals are the most iconic breeds across the archipelago including: Galápagos giant tortoise, Galápagos albatross, Galápagos penguin, red footed booby, blue footed booby, Galápagos flamingo, and more. During your trip to Galápagos, you are likely to encounter many of these animals!

Small-Ship Experience

After a long day of exploration, the Santa Cruz II offers an amazing ambiance that gives travellers the opportunity to unwind. In the evenings, guests can be found sipping cocktails on the sky deck, unwinding in the hot tub, or reading in the corner of the library. With five-star dining options and engaging sessions on offer, guests are consistently amazed by the quality of service offered on the ship. Each room is designed and customised to provide top-notch comfort to all travellers.

Discover the Galápagos Islands with Our Experts

Our seasoned experts will serve as your invaluable hosts during your Galápagos expedition. They will guide you through a wide range of activities both ashore and onboard, and share their extensive knowledge on everything from marine biology and wildlife to local history, geology, and how to protect the pristine environment. Their knowledge and operational experience is second to none, and their passion and energy is contagious.

Extend Your Expedition

Before embarking on your Galápagos Expedition Cruise, spend four days discovering the lost civilisation of the Incas, and visit the breathtaking mountain stronghold of Machu Picchu.  

In addition to seeing one of the most important archeological sites in South America, you’ll also visit Cusco, the historic city of capital of the Inca Empire, see the stunning Andean highland scenery during a train ride to Machu Picchu, and enjoy an overnight in the capital of Peru.

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