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On a guided walk, you’ll learn about Patreksfjörður’s fisheries and visit a bustling factory.
  • Learn about Patreksfjörður’s fisheries

  • See how first-class fish products are made on a factory visit

  • Visit the memorials of international fishermen and learn their stories

  • Explore the lively harbour and learn about its history

Living off the sea  

In this lively settlement in the southern Westfjords, you’ll visit a busy fish factory and hear how fisheries have kept the village thriving for generations. This was once a base for British and French merchants and mariners, and you can visit memorials that stand to the memory of hardy fishermen who met their end here. 

Practical information

Pactical information: 

  • Guests are kindly asked to observe the guide’s instruction at all times. Kindly keep to the walking paths at all times. Please do not drop litter. Please do not disturb local wildlife or vegetation. Smokers are politely asked to dispose of cigarette ends in a responsible manner and to not drop them on the floor.

  • Walking information: This is a walking tour is not recommended for guests with limited mobility or for guests confined to a wheelchair/scooter. Approximate distance walked 800-1200 meters, mostly on paved and gravel surface.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.

  • Language: English.

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