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Discover one of the British Isles’ most remote destinations on St Kilda, perched in the North Atlantic. Explore the abandoned settlement, and marvel at an island that boasts incredible biodiversity and history.
  • Discover one of Britain’s most remote islands.

  • Explore the abandoned settlement of St Kilda during a nature landing.

  • View the endemic species of seabirds and sheep that call this remote island home.

Disembarking on a small boat on a solitary coast is the essence of expedition travelling.  No port, no houses and perhaps no vehicles. Only raw nature, infinite landscapes, and untamed wildlife. No filters of any kind. The real pleasure of exploring the environment with the open mind of the pioneers, of discovering the world as it used to be. 

On St Kilda, explore one of the British Isle’s most wild and remote destinations. Abandoned since 1930, St Kilda was once home to a small population, and the remains of the settlement still stands watch over the bay. Disembark the expedition boats and walk down the small main street, before exploring the hillsides that overlook the village. Sea birds including petrels, gannets, puffins and fulmars make their homes along the craggy cliffs, while wild Soay sheep roam the interior, descendants of the livestock of the island’s old inhabitants. Discover this biological diversity during your visit and learn about how people successfully survived here for millennia.  

At Hurtigruten we have the best team of guides and naturalists, the highest safety measures and the strictest environmental protocols to protect the land whilst ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Practical information

Practical information:

  • Language: English.

  • Remarks/requirements: Guests to wear appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes with non-slip treads.

  • Walking information: Guests must be able to disembark and embark the expedition boats. Some rough walking over natural terrain away from the village main street. 

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.