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Enjoy the authentic signing style and popular Portuguese culture in the comfort onboard the ship.
  • Comfort of an Onboard Show.

  • Enjoy authentic signing and popular Portuguese culture.

From the latin word fatum, destiny, the “Fado” is the essence of the Portuguese life, having been classified UNESCO Heritage in 2011. During approximately 45 minutes you will learn about the authentic singing style and most authentic expression of popular Portuguese culture, conjuring up the sense of saudade (nostalgia) that we are bound to feel when we think back to our visit to Portugal enchanting country. Born in the popular contexts of the 1800s Lisbon, Fado was present in convivial and leisure moments. Happening spontaneously, its execution took place indoors or outdoors, in gardens, bullfights, retreats, streets and alley, taverns and cafes. The internationalization of fado would only consolidate in the 1950s, especially thanks to Amália Rodrigues, surpassing the cultural and language barriers. For decades and until her death, in 1999, Amália Rodrigues was its national and international star. Fado contributes included a range of generations of guitarists and violists - Petrolino, Armandinho, Piscalarete, Salvador Freire, Artur Paredes, Raul Nery, Fontes Rocha, Jaime Santos, António Chainho, being the most genial of all, Carlos Paredes considered one of the best Portuguese composers.

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  • Language: English.

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes.

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