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At the top of Mount Fløyen, take in panoramic views of the city and enjoy a short funicular ride.
  • Marvel at the views over the city and its surrounds

  • Enjoy a ride on this famous funicular

  • Take a break at the top and relax on the beautiful restaurant’s terrace

  • Walk back down to the city, taking in the many charming houses and viewpoints along the way

Popular peak

Go on a funicular ride up lively Mount Fløyen. The views over Bergen and the surroundings are breathtaking. Up here, you’ll also find cafés and a restaurant, locals training, and kids playing around the local troll statue. If you feel like an hour of walking, take the trail back to the city centre. It’s easy and has spectacular views.

Practical information

  • The Fløibanen funicular is temporarily closed until April 2022.

  • Walking information:At guests’ discretion. Transportation to the funicular is not included. There are walking paths at the top of Mount Fløyen, including a 3km path down to the city center.

  • Remarks/requirements: Comfortable walking shoes, backpack, and water bottlerecommended.

  • Wheelchair accessible: The Funicular accepts maximum 3 wheelchairs per departure.

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