A day in the Life of a small Pacific Island community






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Experience the richness of the simple life on a visit to a local settlement.
  • Explore a small Pacific Island with stunning white sand beaches

  • Experience exciting Pacific islander culture and meet the people

  • Discover local art and craft

  • Discover pristine nature and local flora and learn its importance

Visit a local island

This island beach is beautiful, especially for nature lovers. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent day on the island with our day pass. This experience will allow you to meet the local people and learn their way of life. Explore the stunning nature around the island. Walk beautiful beaches, lush landscapes and appreciate the flora and fauna.

Practical information

  • Language: English, German and French. 

  • Included: A bottle of water at the beginning of the tour. 

  • Remarks/requirements: Comfortable walking shoes and bathing suit.

  • Walking information: 100 mts on flat semi paved terrain and sand on the beach.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.

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