Panama Canal & Colonial Highlights with Galápagos Islands

Departure date

Discover Galápagos wildlife and South America's coastal communities

Charming communities

After travelling through the world-famous Panama Canal, pick up your very own handwoven Panama hat from Montecristi. Visit the 'Banana Capital of the World' in Puerto Bolivar, where you can eat delicious fresh seafood in the harbour while looking out over the natural mangrove swamps.

The incredible Galápagos

From the UNESCO-listed centre of Quito, follow in Darwin's footsteps by exploring Santa Cruz Island. Then we'll island-hop around the beautiful Galápagos, spotting unforgettable wildlife amid dramatic island landscapes.

What's Included

Expedition to Galápagos Islands after the cruise

Expedition Cruise

Onboard Activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Embarking at Colón

Day 1

Through the Panama Canal

Day 2

Relax at sea

Day 3

Made in Montecristi

Day 4

Bountiful Puerto Bolivar

Day 5

Learning and leisure

Day 6

Trujillo and Chan Chan

Day 7

High up in Quito

Day 8

Discover Quito

Day 9

Santa Cruz Island

Day 10

Galápagos island hopping

Day 11-12

Return to mainland Ecuador

Day 13

Included Programmes

It's a mixture of adventure activities for individuals of all ages