Lake Titicaca & National Parks of South America

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A magical exploration of ancient, modern and natural wonders

Your expedition starts right at the top, 3,810 metres above sea level, at the highest navigable lake in the world – Lake Titicaca. Then, head on to Lima where our ship is ready to take your adventure out to sea to experience coastal cities, islands and highlights through Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica.

South America’s largest lake

Your adventure begins with a night in Lima before flying to Juliaca and on to Puno where your hotel is, right on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Here you’ll spend three days exploring the area visiting the colonial-era town Chucuito, the mystical Aramu Muru Gate of the Gods, the pre-Inca archaeological site of the Sillustani tombs and the Uros Floating Islands.

An adventurous expedition

Your adventure gets afloat when you return to Lima and embark on the hybrid powered MS Roald Amundsen towards Puntarenas. From here we head to Salaverry, where we hope to go ashore for you to discover the ruins of the Chimú and Moche kingdoms on an optional excursion. Next is the banana port of Puerto Bolivar and then Isla de la Plata in Ecuador’s only coastal national park. Browse original Panama hats in Montecristi near Manta and enjoy beach life and snorkelling opportunities on Cebaco Island. You’ll also explore lush rainforest in Golfito and have the chance to go to beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos on an optional excursion.

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Fountain on a square with palm trees, large beautiful buildings in the background.

Day 1

Lima’s UNESCO treasures

Houses in desert like surrounding in front of Lake Titicaca.

Day 2

Chucuito and Aramu Muru

Lake Titicaca

Day 3

The Uros of Lake Titicaca

Silustani archeological site.

Day 4

Heading back to Lima

Day 5

Trujillo and Chan Chan

Man in shirt, onboard photographer, standing with a camera in the expedition lounge.

Day 6

A leisurely day at sea

Hummingbird sitting in a tree.

Day 7

Bountiful Puerto Bolivar

Day 8

Birds of Isla de la Plata

An aerial view of Montecristi, near Manta

Day 9

Manta and Montecristi

Microscopes in the Science Center onboard the ship.

Day 10

Crossing the Equator

Man snorkeling among corals and fish.

Day 11

Island idyll of Cebaco

Two red parrots sitting in a tree in Golfito, Costa Rica.

Day 12

Wildlife of Golfito

White beach and turquoise water in Quepos, Manuel Antonio National Park, in Costa Rica.

Day 13

Quepos and Manuel Antonio

Peninsula going into the Ocean, with a long pier in Puntarenas.

Day 14

Arrival in Puntarenas

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Photo Credit: Espen Mills

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South America

Lake Titicaca & National Parks of South America