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Antarctica, Falklands, South Georgia

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Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 1

Arrival Day

Feel the pulse of the home of the Tango.

Day 2

Cultural and Cool

Enjoy Ushuaia before embarking on MS Fram

Day 3

Tierra del Fuego

Bird life on the open sea towards Falkland Islands

Day 4

At sea

Enjoy wildlife on a landing in the Falkland Islands

Day 5-6

Where the Natural World Rules

Scan for rich marine life.

Day 7-8

Cruising the South Atlantic

MS Fram anchored in Maiviken, Grytviken

Day 9-11

The Serengeti of the Southern Ocean

Scan for abundant bird life.

Day 12-13

Lectures and Scanning for Wildlife on Deck

A close up of clouds in the sky

Day 14

South Orkney & Solar Eclipse

Channel your inner scientist in the onboard Science Center.

Day 15-16

Towards Antarctica

Hiking on Deception Island

Day 17-21

Antarctica … Another World!

Birds in the Drake Passage

Day 22-23

The Voyage North

Caminito Street in La Boca, Buenos Aires

Day 24

The Southernmost Town in the World

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 25

Departure Day

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Young Explorers Programme

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All Inclusive

Antarctica, Falklands, South Georgia