British Isles – All-Inclusive Remote Islands, Natural Wonders and a Diverse Coastline

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9 departures between Aug 2022 and Aug 2023
15 days

Explore fascinating nature and heritage along Britain's diverse coastline

Enjoy a unique coastal exploration along the length of the British Isles and beyond, discovering the wildlife, nature, and distinct heritage of these diverse destinations.

Nature and heritage

From Dover, we sail along the south coast of England and up the west coast of the British Isles to the Hebrides before returning to Dover via different ports. This expedition is crammed full of discovery, taking in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and the Hebridean islands. See how nature and heritage have distinctly shaped the culture of each destination. Alongside picturesque towns and historical landmarks, we’ll encounter wild landscapes, scenic coastal paths and impressive natural landforms.

Experienced Expedition Team

Bird enthusiasts will be in awe of the birdlife on Rathlin Island and the largest seabird colony in Europe on the UNESCO-listed archipelago of St Kilda. You’ll learn about the ancient history of the Isle of Man and Ireland’s Waterford, and marvel at the scenic beauty of Devon. Drink in the views on the whisky island of Islay, and be impressed by the natural acoustics of Fingal’s Cave on Staffa.

The true meaning of expedition cruising will become apparent as we head for rarely visited destinations and take you on nature landings, with our knowledgeable and experienced Expedition Team always on hand to guide you.

What's Included


Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Day 1

Depart from Australia or New Zealand

Day 2

Depart from Dover

Day 3

A relaxing day at sea

Day 4

The Pembrokeshire coast

Day 5

Seabirds of Rathlin

Day 6

The Inner Hebrides

Day 7

Wild St Kilda

Day 8

Stornoway and Lews Castle

Day 9

Islay's whisky and nature

Day 10

Enigmatic Isle of Man

Day 11

Vikings of Waterford

Day 12

Beautiful Scilly Isles

Day 13

Idyllic Devon

Lighthouse in Dover

Day 14

Return to Dover

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Onboard Science Programme

Our Science Programme has one goal: to increase your curiosity, knowledge and interest of the areas you are sailing to.

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British Isles

British Isles – All-Inclusive Remote Islands, Natural Wonders and a Diverse Coastline