– Journey to the extreme north
The rarely visited Franz Josef Land, the world´s northernmost archipelago
  • True Arctic expedition
    Sail above 80 degrees north to the world’s northernmost archipelago with the experts in Arctic expedition cruising.
  • Far beyond the ordinary
    Be among the rare few to explore remote Franz Josef Land as we take you to truly isolated and rare natural beauty.
  • Unforgettable landscape
    Encounter mighty glaciers and deep fjords, rugged mountains and a wilderness of ice in the Russian Arctic National Park.
  • Amazing wildlife
    Scout for rare wildlife in one of the world’s greatest havens for Arctic wildlife, hosting walrus, polar bears and bird colonies.
The rarely visited Franz Josef Land, the world´s northernmost archipelago
The polar bear population of Franz Josef Land is thought to be around 3,000.

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Sail with the experts

– Your Expedition Team in Russia & Franz Josef Land

Our experts are here to safeguard both explorers and the pristine environment. They serve as your invaluable hosts throughout your expedition cruise.

Leading and teaching

During your discovery of the far north of Russia, your Expedition Team will lead the way on hikes and small boat cruises, as well as optional kayaking and additional shore excursions.

“Encountering vast wildlife and ice reminds us that humans are just a small part of life on our planet. Connecting with beautiful and untouched nature is a powerful experience for our guests.”

– Karin Strand, Expedition Team Leader