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Aktivitäten für einen Tag in Valparaíso

Auch wenn Sie nicht viel Zeit haben, können Sie die Highlights der Stadt dennoch erleben. Valparaíso bietet so viele Aktivitäten, dass die Stunden wie im Flug vergehen.

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Seien Sie unbesorgt: Auch wenn nur ein Tag für Valparaíso, Chiles zweitgrößte Stadt, zur Verfügung steht, können Sie die Zeit hier mit diesen sechs Aktivitäten bestmöglich nutzen. So sehen Sie alle Highlights von Valparaiso.

Discover one of Chile’s best-known poets

Situated high up on Cerro Bellavista Hill is La Sebastiana, a key landmark in the city skyline and the former home of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. His bright, colorful, five-story home is full of personality, just like the city around it. Here you’ll learn about his life and works in a museum that’s overflowing with the poet’s personal knickknacks. Plus, there’s a stunning view of the port and wider city.

Admire the city’s most famous street art

A ten-minute walk from La Sebastiana is the Open Air Museum (Museo a Cielo Abierto), a wonderful Valparaíso attraction because it gives insight into the city’s vibrant personality. Stroll among the twenty murals created by students from the local Pontifical Catholic University. It’s a well-known art circuit and is worth visiting, although it’s by no means the only street art you’ll find in the city.

Lunch in Valparaíso

After a morning of hiking up and down the city’s many hills, it’s time for lunch. Get an authentic taste of Chile with some artisan empanadas, or try the caldillo de congrio (conger eel soup). To get a real feel of local cuisine, head to the Mercado Cardonal farmers' market, where you’ll find many restaurants on the second floor. These are often full of locals, so you know you’re getting an authentic taste of Valparaíso.

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