The Hurtigruten Foundation

Collaborating for change: Creating a footprint we can be proud of

It’s been almost 130 years since we became expedition cruising pioneers. Through this history, we understand the huge responsibility that comes with our sailing.

Through the years, we have seen the changes happening around the world up close. To help battle the increasing change in climate, plastic waste in the oceans, and unsustainable mass tourism, we must do our part and ensure that our core value of sustainability is integrated across all our operations.

That’s why we founded the Hurtigruten Foundation.

The Hurtigruten Foundation is a collaboration between the Hurtigruten Group and its passengers, partners, suppliers, organizations, and donors to make an actual difference. The Hurtigruten Foundation was established at the end of 2015. We are proud of our achievements!

Total donated to date: 5,100 000 NOK

Projects: 50

Countries: 12


Current Collaborations and Donations

Hurtigruten Foundation, in connection with Hurtigruten Expeditions, will donate 1% of all new North American bookings made in November and December for Alaska and the Galápagos to Alaska Wilderness League and Galápagos Conservancy, respectively.

The donation to Alaska Wilderness League will help protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in Alaska’s northeast corner, and other wildlife reserves.

The donation to Galápagos Conservancy will be used to restore Giant Tortoise populations, strengthen the Galápagos marine reserve, and go towards saving pink land iguanas. 

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Read more about the projects we have funded.

Bringing science from the Arctic to a wider audience

Fascinating research conducted in the Arctic reveals hidden truths about our whole planet, yet few people ever hear them. This inspired Maria Philippa Rossi to bridge the gap with a groundbreaking book.

Investigating humpback whales in Antarctica and engaging expedition cruise passengers

Researchers from the Universidad de Los Andes joined Hurtigruten’s state-of-the-art ship, MS Fram, to inspire passengers to actively participate in scientific observations that deepen our knowledge of these elusive cetaceans.

Mountain steps help people access the spectacular nature of Norway

For some, the striking views of fjords and mountains from the summit of Storfjellet are tantalizingly out of reach. This has inspired the Friends of the North Cape Steps to employ the unique skills of Nepalese Sherpas.

Hope for endangered orcas

The Hurtigruten Foundation has joined forces with charities, governments, and Indigenous people to lend this beautiful creature a helping hand.

Protecting critically endangered petrels on the Galápagos Islands

As invasive species threaten the magnificent biodiversity of the Galápagos Archipelago, the Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco is fighting back with the help of the Hurtigruten Foundation.

Climate Sentinels

In April 2021, a group of female scientists called the ‘Climate Sentinels’ set out on a 280-mile research expedition in Svalbard, using skis as their primary mode of transportation. Read more about the expedition

Securing a brighter future for Greenland’s vulnerable children

Since 1924, The Association of Greenlandic Children has aimed to make life better for Greenlandic children by focusing on education and self-esteem building, and more, to help them grow to their full potential in the long term. Read more

Volunteers in Svalbard train rescue dogs to help save lives during avalanches.

After a fatal avalanche hit Longyearbyen in Svalbard in 2015, a group of dog-loving volunteers founded Norwegian Search and Rescue Dogs Svalbard. Read more

Seven new projects receive funding

In the November 2021 application round, we received more applications than ever before. Read more about the seven new projects receiving funding

Saving nearly extinct birds by eradicating rats on South Georgia

Read more about how the Hurtigruten Foundation has helped South Georgia Heritage Trust by eradicating rats on South Georgia and saving birds that were nearly extinct.

Tracking Antarctic penguins: What can we learn from one species’ growing numbers while others are in decline?

Read more about how we have learned about tracking Antarctic penguins: What we can learn from one species’ growing numbers while others are in decline

We fund and collaborate on projects that bring awareness and action to vulnerable ecosystems and threatened wildlife.

There are three main areas where we are focusing on:

  1. Preserving endangered wildlife

  2. Battling plastic waste and marine litter

  3. Supporting local and global projects in the areas where we operate

We also want to show you some of the impressive projects and inspiring work from these collaborations. Here are some of our important projects that were made possible through funding and involvement from the Hurtigruten Foundation:

Name of organization  Project  Year granted  Amount (NOK)  Location
South Georgia Heritage Trust Habitat Restoration Project 2016 100 964 South Georgia
The Association of Greenlandic Children Sapiik 2016 100 964 Greenland
UK Antarctica Heritage Trust Maintaining Antarctic cultural heritage  2016 43 270 Antarctica
Clean Coast Beach cleaning project 2016 50 000 Norway
Svolvær City of Lights 2017 40 000 Norway
Benjamin Vidar Polar Permaculture 2018 50 000 Svalbard
Nordkapp og Omegn turlag Maintenance of mountain trails in Honningsvåg 2018 50 000 Norway
Ørsta Næringskontor Grindaløde på Haukåssætra på Urke  2018 50 000 Norway
Hanna Saiminen Klæboe Hurtigruten Ambassador 2018 1 972 Norway
South Georgia Heritage Trust Habitat Restoration Project 2018 102 000 South Georgia
Polar Citizen Science Collective To make science more available, enjoyable and impactful to polar travellers. Enhance level of polar citizen science. 2018 80 000 Arctic
Eco Pantao Plastic recycling and waste management in the Phillipines 2019 60 000 Phillipines
Eirik Audunson Skaar & Corey Morris The Plastic Crab - Art and knowledge against marine plastic 2019 50 000 Norway
Hearts in the Ice The first women in history to overwinter in the Arctic 2019 50 000 Svalbard
Norguide Glacier Rephotography on Svalbard- visualising Climate Change 2019 107 400 Svalbard
Norwegian Rescue Dogs Training of avalanche rescue dogs on Svalbard 2019 200 000 Svalbard
Svalbard Turn Neither bird nor fish - in a sea of plastic 2019 60 000 Svalbard
Challenges of Antarctica Challenges of Antarctica 2020 Expedition 2019 50 000 Antarctica
The Association of Greenlandic Children Sapiik 2019 100 000 Greenland
Naturvernforbundet i Sør-Varanger Prestøy Liftup 2019 10 000 Norway
Oceans Initiative Southern Resident Killer Whale Conservation in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S and Canada 2019 100 000 USA
Perleporten Kulturhus Capo Nord- establishment of ensemble in the North Cape Region 2019 75 000 Norway
Hjelmsøy Velforening Hjelmsøytreff 2019 90 000 Norway
Lenvik Municipality Parked piano 2019 6 000 Norway
SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography & Hurtigruten Science Programme Molecular Learning Laboratory  2019 30 280 Onboard
Sea Skrova   Sea Skrova Ocean Festival 2019 50 000 Norway
Disko Arts Festival Disko Arts Festival on Greenland 2019 2019 191 556 Greenland
Nordkapp og Omegn turlag Skipsfjorden Outdoor Area 2019 100 000 Norway
South Georgia Heritage Trust Enriching the Visitor Experience at Grytviken 2019 112 623 South Georgia
The Association of Greenlandic Children Sapiik 2020 100 000 Greenland
World Wildlife Federation (WWF) Plastic in the Ocean 2020 200 000 Global
Norwegian Sea Rescue Society / Redningsselskapet Safety along the Norwegian coastline 2020 200 000 Norway
Artist Erika Kimberly Restoration of Iconic Midnight Sun Shoe Mosaic in Honningsvåg 2020 40 000 Norway
Træna Kommune Voluntary Week Træna (Dugnadsuke Træna)  2020 100 000 Norway
RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)  Gough Island Restoration 2020 100 000 Gough Island / Tristan da Cunha
Climate Sentinels  Climate Sentinels expedition 2020 90 000 Svalbard
California Oceans Alliance Organisation Determining the amount of plastic exposure in the world’s largest predators in the most remote wilderness on the planet 2020 88 000 Antarctica
Oceanites Changes in the Vastly Warmed Antarctic Peninsula 2020 183 248 Antarctica
The Association of Greenlandic Children Sapiik 2021 100 000 Greenland
Oceanites, Inc.  Changes in the Vastly Warmed Antarctic Peninsula 2021 183 248 Antarctica
RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)  Gough Island Restoration 2021 100 000 Gough Island / Tristan da Cunha
Kulturskolen Støtte til nye instrumenter (Navnseremoni - FN) 2021 30 000 Svalbard
Projects chosen by Hearts in the Ice   2021 45 000 Svalbard
Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco Protection of the critically endangered Galapagos Petrel 2021 84 168 Galapagos
Honningsvåg Turn og Idrettsforening & Nordkapptrappas venner (Friends of the North Cape Steps) Construction of the North Cape Steps 2021 100 000 Norway
Maria Rossi (Individual) Book project: On thin ice 2021 75 000 Svalbard
Oceans Initiative Southern Resident Killer Whale Conservation in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S and Canada 2021 44 500  
The Municipality of Cambridge Bay Itqaumavit (A Place of Memories) Welcome Park  2021 100 000 Canada
Universidad de los Andes Marine Mammal Conservation in Antarctica: a Citizen Science Initiative 2021 75 000 Antarctica
Ushuaia te abraza Knowing our birds and environment 2021 21 306 Argentina
California Oceans Alliance Giving Tuesday 2021 2 400 USA

In addition to direct donations, Hurtigruten Foundation's funds come from activities on board and at our hotels, such as auctions, fundraisers and Hurtigruten's "Green Stay" program. For every day you choose not to have your cabin or room cleaned, we will make a donation to the Hurtigruten Foundation. In addition, it helps to reduce the consumption of energy, detergents and water.

With minimal administrative expenses, the entire profit from the Hurtigruten Foundation goes to organizations and individuals who make a positive contribution to the areas where Hurtigruten operates. The foundation's board grants support twice a year.


The deadlines for applications for funding are November 1 and May 1.

Please download the application form and send it to [email protected].

Being the world leader in expedition travel comes with a responsibility we take very seriously.
Through our common admiration and love for the oceans, wildlife, local communities, and pristine destinations we explore, we invite you to join us by applying to the Hurtigruten Foundation, so we can work together to help protect these vulnerable environments and communities.


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Learn more about our continued work in supporting science and sustainable projects that are tackling climate change, supporting local communities, and building awareness.

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Learn more about our continued work in supporting science and sustainable projects that are tackling climate change, supporting local communities, and building awareness.


Sustainable operations, destinations, and wildlife


Plastic, pollution, and cleaner oceans


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