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Hurtigruten Foundation is a collaboration between Hurtigruten, our guests, partners and private donors. Together we unite in our commitment to fight climate change, strengthen local communities, and stop unsustainable mass tourism.

Paradise Bay Antarktis,  Foto Genna Roland
Paradise Bay Antarktis, Foto Genna Roland

United in our mission to fight climate change

It’s been almost 130 years since we first pioneered expedition cruising, and with this history we are aware of the huge responsibility that comes with our sailing. 

Through the years we have seen up close the changes that are happening around the world. To battle the increasing change in climate, plastic waste in the oceans and unsustainable mass tourism, we must do our part and ensure sustainability is integrated across all our operations.

Since 2015 we have supported 41 projects in 11 different countries with the total of over 4,300 000 NOK.

Plastic waste

Focus Areas

To ensure that our efforts have a measurable effect, we have chosen to focus on three areas:

  1. Preserving endangered wildlife

  2. Battling plastic waste and marine litter

  3. Supporting local communities in the areas where we operate

We focus on these issues because they affect our guests, the communities were we operate and our employees every day! Everywhere we operate we see the negative effects that a lack of engagement has had, and we want to change that. As a Group and as a Foundation, we care and we want to make sure that every place we are to be a little bit better off because we are there.

Have a project that will make a difference? Apply for funding

Through our common admiration and love for oceans, wildlife, local communities and the pristine destinations we explore, we invite you to join us and be part of the solution.

Each year we have two rounds of grants. The deadline for applications are May 1st and 1 November 1st.

How to Apply

Selected Projects We Have Funded

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Helping Community Elders Tell the Stories of Canada’s Frozen North

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Mountain Steps Help More People Access the Spectacular Nature of Norway

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Hope for Endangered Orcas

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The Galápagos Petrel

Protecting Critically Endangered Petrels on the Galápagos Islands

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Two Greenlandic children smiling at the camera

Securing vulnerable Greenlandic children safe spaces and a brighter future

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Mountain Summit

Seven New Projects Receive Funding

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