Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In Hurtigruten Group we want everyone to be able to bring their whole self to work!

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Our mission is to build the undisputed global leader in sustainable inspirational adventure travel. To succeed, we believe in building a culture that are committed to embrace and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion. This is crucial to attract and develop top talents on the journey towards a greener travel industry. 

We’re committed to embrace and encourage Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a source of creativity, progress, and competitive differentiation.

We want to develop and maintain a culture that values difference, promotes empathy, mutual respect, and transparency and that does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.

We want to recruit, develop, promote, and manage our employees based on their talent, their ability to do the job, and the behaviours that they demonstrate in line with our core values.

Key Pillars

Embrace the journey to equity

Foster a culture where difference is invited, respected and integrated

Implement an explicit zero tolerance approach to discrimination & harassment 

Embrace the journey to equity with all it entails 

Cultivate future explorers
  • Leverage insights and data to develop and manage talent equitably

  • Unlock the benefits of a global workforce 

  • Develop people for their future   

  • Empower people through clear and transparent communications and access to information 

  • Retain and leverage experience 

Lead with empathy and accountability
  • Chart the path we are navigating for and with our employees

  • Move from managing talent to engaging talent

  • Inspire accountability for DEI across the organization

  • Empower leaders to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment

  • Equip leaders with the skills and tools to set talent up for success

Respect heritage, stimulate adventure
  • Embrace Hurtigruten Group as a Heritage brand with a global perspective

  • Stimulate curiosity and adventure

  • Inspire the next generation of leaders in adventure travel

  • Pioneer a better tomorrow for our environment and our people

Inspire a sustainable future
  • Live up to our mission to be an organization which acts ethically and responsibly in the communities we operate in and impact

  • Offer perspective on and enhance the impacts of sustainability

  • Inspire a sustainable mindset and respect for our environment (for talent and guests)

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