Our Social Impact

Learn how we focus on being a great place to work, diversity & inclusion, health & safety and community impact

Great place to work

Why is this important to us

People are at the heart of Hurtigruten Group. We are nothing without our fantastic employees who between them deliver world-class travel experiences for our guests. And as a global employer we have an important responsibility to uphold human rights.

What are we working towards

We want to increase our Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to over 30 by 2025.

What are we doing to get there

Life-changing guest experiences don't happen by chance. It is the result of focus and attention from our outstanding employees across the globe, whether on land or at sea. We employ approximately 2,700 people representing 61 nationalities. For us to be a great place to work, this is what we striving to do:

  • Attracting, retaining and developing top global talent. To measure our overall employee satisfaction, we have since 2018 measured the Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS, a global cross industry acknowledged performance indicator that measure employer engagement and enable us to track the impact of our people and culture initiatives).

  • Learning and Development (L&D) is a core part of what we want to offer to our employees. L&D for us is about creating a culture for individuals and organisations to learn, share, and grow. It’s knowing the current and future capability needs of the organisation, as well as how to create a learning culture that drives engagement in ongoing professional development.

  • Mental and physical wellbeing is an area in which we cannot overinvest. If the global Covid pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace.

  • We also take a lot of pride in ensuring all our employee’s labour and human rights. All employees working at sea in Hurtigruten Group are covered by collective bargaining

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Why is this important to us

We believe that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is fundamental in securing satisfaction and wellbeing for employees, that it creates unique experiences for our guests and drives profitability. And that it's the right thing to do.

What are we working towards

We want to have 40% women in senior leadership by 2026 and 35% female officers by 2030

What are we doing to get there

There is no doubt for us Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is fundamental in securing satisfaction and wellbeing for our employees, that it creates unique experiences for our guests and drives profitability. We have been a company with a diverse group of employees in terms of nationality and gender for many years, but we still have a way to go in how we bring diversity into all areas of our business.

  • To take the next step we have embarked on a DEI programme to put the right evidence-based strategy, policies, training and continuous development in place. Our new policy went live in 2022.

  • Ahead of the new policy we have set a clear target for gender balance in the company, aiming for a higher percentage of women in leadership position on land and at sea.

Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Hurtigruten Group

Health and Safety

Why is this important to us

Health and safety for our guests and employees is a key priority in all our operations. We want to eliminate or at least significantly reduce all risks to human life and wellbeing.

What are we working towards

Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) below 0.5 by 2030 and always have zero marine causalities

What are we doing to get there

The ocean is unique and beautiful, and brings us the resources we need to survive. But it can also be dangerous. Health and Safety is a key priority in all our operations. We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health and to the continual improvement of our Health and Safety management systems and performance. All companies in the Hurtigruten Group have a robust health and safety System which provides operational guidelines to employees on board and ashore.

Our safety policies incorporate the fostering of a safety culture, built around Stop Work Authority and a no blame attitude towards reporting deficiencies.

Community Impact

Why is this important to us

We’re privileged to access the unique destinations we visit, so it’s our responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities that live there.

What are we working towards

To maximise the number of people positively impacted and endangered species supported.

What are we doing to get there

Travel can make the world a better place when it’s done right. Not only does it create jobs and drive economic growth, but it brings us closer together and closer to nature. We learn about the world’s most beautiful and vulnerable areas and how to protect them and the planet. We make an impact through local value creation, and we support the communities we visit.

  • Our local value creation comes from our strategy of trading locally and buying services such as optional excursions, as well as sourcing ingredients from local suppliers. We are dedicated to supporting the local communities we visit, and to create beneficial ripple effects that continue long after we’ve left. We strive not only to connect with these communities, but to share genuine friendships with them while always respecting their values and customs.

  • The Norway's Coastal Kitchen concept draws from around 50 food and beverage suppliers along the coast of Norway.

  • The Coastal Express service in Norway is a lifeline for the 34 coastal communities we connect, of which only three have a train station.

  • Hurtigruten Expedition always uses local rather than international partners where possible, such as pilots, agents, shore excursion suppliers.

  • Hurtigruten Foundation is our non-profit foundation initiated in 2015. It was established as a cooperative venture between guests, partners, suppliers and donors the Hurtigruten Group to create a positive impact for the ocean, wildlife and local communities.