Kirkenes - Hammerfest - Tromsø

Norwegian Border to the Arctic Capital

On The Coastal Express

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North Cape cliff seen from the west side. On the plateau you will find the Globe. This monument has become the epitome of the North Cape.

Norwegian Border to the Arctic Capital

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Voyage overview

Explore the Arctic wilderness on a cruise from Kirkenes to Tromsø. Kirkenes is right by the Norwegian border - a great area for excursions year round. On your sailing south towards magnificent Tromsø, you'll experience both Hammerfest and North Cape.


The day-by-day programme will give you some ideas about what you can see during your voyage, but bear in mind that this itinerary is just an indication. After all, this is a sailing where the elements rule and weather conditions might vary.


Day 1

All Aboard!

Kirkenes – right on the border

All Aboard!

Kirkenes – right on the border

Your voyage begins in the Arctic in the town of Kirkenes, just a few miles from the Norwegian border, but further east than St. Petersburg and Istanbul.

WWII history

For those interested in history, the Varanger Museum in Kirkenes has exhibits about the town’s ordeal during WWII; bombed a total of 328 times in four years, making it the most bombed place during the war after Malta.

For more insights into this sombre period, visit the Andersgrotta WWII Bomb Shelter which can house up to 2,500 people underground.

Norway’s northern frontier

In the port of Vardø, you’ll find the star-shaped Vardøhus Fortress, built in 1737. The northernmost fortification of any kind, it remains a part of the military to this day.

We cruise Norway’s coastline to arrive in the small port of Båtsfjord in the evening and then on to Berlevåg. You might be able to make out Mount Tanahorn to the west, or see Kjølnes Lighthouse blinking atop a cliff overlooking the Barents Sea.

An aerial view of the Norwegian port town of Hammerfest

Day 2

From the Top of Europe

Tromsø – gateway to the Arctic

From the Top of Europe

Tromsø – gateway to the Arctic

We make stops at Mehamn and Kjøllefjord during the night before early morning visits to Honningsvåg and Havøysund.

Almost the northernmost

In the early afternoon, you’ll spend time in Hammerfest, which has the largest population on a list of the world’s northernmost settlements.

See the UNESCO-listed Meridian Column, shop for souvenirs at the Polar Bear Society, or take the path behind the town to the viewpoint atop Mount Salen.

Mountains and marine mammals

We continue cruising Norway’s coastline south to Øksfjord and then to Skjervøy, surrounded by mountain peaks. We’ve been docking at this vital fishing port since 1896.

If you’re visiting in winter, you might spot orcas and humpback whales that gather here to feed on herring.

As we make our way to Tromsø, you might also glimpse views of the Lyngen Alps which boast some of the highest peaks in all of Norway.

Capital of the Arctic

We dock at the historic city of Tromsø just before midnight. This is where your short voyage with us concludes. In the summer months, you can stroll around the still busy city in glorious 24-hour daylight.

2-Day Norwegian Voyage | Kirkenes to Tromsø

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