Brønnøysund – coastal charm right in the middle of Norway

Torghatten Mountain Hike


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Level 4: Challenging - good mobility and fitness needed

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2 hours 40 minutes


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A couple taking a photo at Torghatten mountain in Norway
  • Feel tiny as we wander through the cathedral-like hole through the heart of Torghatten, on the island of Torget

  • Hear the enchanting myths around the formation of the hole – and how geology and geography explain it

  • Learn fascinating Viking stories as we drive through one of the region’s important Viking seats, mentioned in the Icelandic sagas

  • Sample a local version of lefse, a traditional flatbread with a unique connection to Torghatten mythology

One of Norway’s most iconic places, Torghatten is known for its spectacular hole and the enthralling myths behind it. According to legend, it was created by an arrow fired by the lusty son of a mighty troll king while he was chasing a troll maiden who had been making lefse. 

On the scenic drive there, we’ll hear all about the history and modern life of Brønnøysund and the Helgeland region. When we arrive at Torghatten we’ll follow a narrow footpath along the seashore and, after a short walk, wander through the awe-inspiring hole – it’s 160m long, 35m high, and 15-20m wide. It’s so big, a Hurtigruten ship could sail through it! 

Then, we’ll share a drink and taste local lefse as we learn how and why people have thrived here for thousands of years. 

We’ll drive back past the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre, a beautiful sight from our bus. Finally, we’ll try what could be the world’s best soft ice cream!

Practical information

  • Availability: 1 May – 30 September

  • Included: Drink and snack