Hurtigruten heads for the Amazon rainforest, Canada and the world’s longest fjord

From the start of 2017, Hurtigruten’s expedition ships will sail to the rainforests of South America, and to Viking settlements and the national parks in Newfoundland. In the Arctic, the Norwegian explorer cruise line’s guests can explore the largest fjord complex in the world.

New voyages to South America, Africa and Europe

Imagine the green, lush Amazonas with all its sounds and life. Imagine white, sandy Brazilian beaches in bright sunlight. Imagine the hot Sahara desert or the cold fjords of Norway. No matter where you want to go - we can take you there! We sail in the wake of the great Thor Heyerdahl and offer different expeditions - each providing you with amazing experiences. Our expedition ships MS Fram and MS Midnatsol, will sail along the coast of countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Some routes also include South Atlantic islands such as the Falklands and South Georgia where there will be meetings with locals and with penguins, birds, whales, seals and other wildlife.

Perhaps the most spectacular of the new voyages follow the Amazon River into the rainforest!  

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Hurtigruten also strongly reinforces its commitment in Antarctica. From winter 2016, the service offer is tripled as also MS Midnatsol sails to the southern hemisphere for the southern summer season. The Chilean fjords, Cape Horn, Magellan Strait and the South Pole continent are some of the highlights.

The voyages are adapted after seasonal variations and follow the wildlife in the area, ice conditions and the local cultural history. Guests can join hikes on thousand year old glacial ice, walk among penguins, kayak between seals and snorkel in icy water.

No matter what you have seen on previous travels: Antarctica is different from anything else you will ever experience. Explore the most remote area in the world and leave footprints where no human has been before. With no permanent human inhabitants, it is still home to millions of penguins and seals. Don’t miss the spectacular whales!

You can travel with MS Midnatsol, a ship with about 500 guests, taking you from Punta Arenas to explore the deep fjords of Chile, the spectacular scenery and nature in Patagonia, and Cape Horn – to then immerse yourself in the highlights of Antarctica. Or you can travel in the wake of the great explorer Roald Amundsen with MS Fram, the ultimate explorer vessel. This ship takes about 200 guests and it lets you engage in more extreme experiences, sailing out of Ushuaya in Argentina.

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Visit Canadian coastal pearls and exotic Greenland 

Hurtigruten’s Arctic program is stretched to the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada. Amongst the many exceptional landings, guests get to visit L'Anse aux Meadows. The small fishing village on the UNESCO World Heritage List is the place where Norwegian Anne Stine and Helge Ingstad and their daughter Benedicte, in 1960 made discovery of a Viking settlement. Hurtigruten also offers visits to magnificent national parks, the provincial capital of St. John's and to places like Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Red Bay and Battle Harbour.

On the east coast of Greenland, Hurtigruten will let guests explore Kangertittivaq or Scoresby which is the longest fjord in the world, extending 350 kilometers into the vast island. Trips to this special fjord are combined with visits to Iceland, Jan Mayen with the northernmost volcano of the world, Beerenberg and Lofoten.

Traveling with us gives you the opportunity to meet local people and learn about their history and traditions. Come close to nature, wildlife and culture on one of our many exciting expeditions with either MS Fram or MS Spitsbergen – each taking you on amazing adventures in beautiful surroundings.


Explore the land of ice and fire, with glaciers and volcanoes side by side. This is the perfect destination for explorers looking for the unexpected. Enjoy hikes in through lava fields, swim in natural hot spas and explore the wilderness, wildlife, history and settlements of this spectacular country.

Sail in the wake of the Vikings with our ship MS Spitsbergen and witness the majestic glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and mountains.

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Around Spitsbergen, Hurtigruten offer sailings to the ice edge and circumnavigations around the archipelago. Enjoy unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Experience the midnight sun, meaning constant daylight, or enjoy a magical polar night with fascinating Northern Lights. Join amazing activities from snowmobile safari, dogsledding and snowshoeing during winter - to boat trips, kayaking and Isfjord safaris in summer. If we are really lucky, we might just see the King of the Arctic: the Polar Bear!

Travel with MS Nordstjernen, MS Fram or MS Spitsbergen and explore the extraordinary Arctic landscape. Come with us on an Arctic adventure to the high north! 

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