Why Cruise with Hurtigruten

Curious about who we are and what we stand for? Read on to learn all about Hurtigruten and why you should explore the world with us.

In Norwegian, the phrase 'hurtig ruten' translates to 'fast route'; it’s no wonder we chose this for our company name, after traveling along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes in just seven days—aboard a steamer ship in 1893, no less! Since then, for the past 125 years, we have expanded our offerings: from 6-day, 7-day, and 12-day cruises along the coast of Norway, to expeditions that travel all over the world, including Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland, and the Northwest Passage.   



Whether you’re eager to meet a few friendly penguins or longing to search for the elusive polar bear, we offer it all. Our expeditions to destinations like Antarctica, Svalbard, and Iceland are, simply put, unmatched: our ships are floating base-camps-at-sea, built specifically to cruise amongst extreme conditions and access remote regions. They also come with tools to assist you in fully exploring your surroundings, like kayaks, trekking poles, and snowshoes. Read more about our wide range of destinations, below.

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    Expedition Cruises

    Our history of exploring polar regions traces back to 1896, making us one of the most experienced travel companies in the world. Hurtigruten offers breathtaking experiences in remote corners of the world, expeditions that appeal to those who value thorough exploration of seldom-visited destinations.

    Get up close and personal with wildlife, culture, and incredible scenery—from the polar bears of Svalbard to the penguins of Antarctica, and nearly every place in between—on our fleet of advanced, intimately-scaled expedition ships.


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    Norwegian Coastal Cruises

    Our cruises along the Norwegian coast—nicknamed 'The World's Most Beautiful Voyage' by Lonely Planet—have earned their place on lists of iconic traveler routes, along with other classics like the Orient Express, the Nile River, and Route 66. 

    Experience Norway's beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under the Midnight Sun or spectacular Northern Lights. Our daily departures take you on cruises where no other ships go; no matter the season, our journeys along the Norwegian coast are filled with amazing scenery and unique experiences.



    • Hurtigruten is Not Your Normal Cruise Operator
      When you sail with Hurtigruten, you are on an expedition with like-minded adventurers who value personal growth and exploration over luxury; you won't find waterslides, casinos, or any sort of dress code, here . However, you will find a casual and relaxed atmosphere, great food, and all the quality equipment you need to explore new destinations. All of our expedition cruises include small inflatable explorer boats, perfect for viewing nature up close; opportunities to hike, snowshoe, and even kayak; and your very own...
    • Expedition Team
      Whether you are on an expedition cruise to Antarctica or sailing along the Norwegian coast, you will be accompanied by an expert Expedition Team. They are your hosts on board and ashore, and will provide lectures and expertise in subjects such as geography, history, wildlife, and more. All of our Expedition Team members are passionate about their subject matter, as well as... 
    • Sustainable Travel
      We operate in some of the world’s most pristine and vulnerable natural landscapes. This is a responsibility we take seriously, which is why we educate our guests on how to reduce our environmental footprint. Read more about our efforts to minimize our impact, our banning of all unnecessary single-use plastic, and our brand-new, hybrid electric-powered expedition ships here. And speaking of our brand-new ships...
    • Introducing MS Roald Amundsen & MS Fridtjof Nansen 
      In 2019, you'll be introduced to the world's first hybrid electric-powered expedition ship, MS Roald Amundsen. In 2020, MS Fridtjof Nansen will have her inaugural expedition, and in 2021, a third sister ship will be launched. Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen are two of Norway's most famous explorers, and their namesake, state-of-the-art ships will follow suit and explore some of the most remote destinations in the world.



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