Hurtigruten Foundation

The aim of the Hurtigruten Foundation is to ensure that our guests of the future can enjoy the same meaningful travel experiences as those who travel with us today.

The Hurtigruten Foundation raises awareness of opportunities and challenges in the areas we visit, and raises funds to manage these opportunities and challenges in the best possible way. We want to ensure that our footprint is as small as possible and that our presence is positive in the places that we visit.

We support several local initiatives, such as ‘Clean up Svalbard’ and the Association of Greenlandic Children. Our onboard auctions have contributed to some of the most ambitious habitat restoration projects on Earth, including protecting the albatross in South Georgia, and the maintenance of research stations in Antarctica.

Hurtigruten aims to be world leading in sustainable explorer travel in the polar regions. Through Hurtigruten Foundation we seek to enhance awareness and contribute to the protection of the vulnerable nature and unique culture of the destinations we bring our guests to. The Hurtigruten Foundation raises awareness of opportunities and challenges in the regions Hurtigruten visits in the Arctic, in Antarctica, along the Norwegian coast, and in adventurous destinations to come, and raise funds to respectively exploit or reduce them through a number of initiatives worldwide.

We invite you to take part in this important work for sustainable travel. Please consider supporting the
Hurtigruten Foundation by making a donation.

Lewis Pugh - Our First Ambassador

Lewis Pugh is a pioneer swimmer and ocean advocate. He was the first person to complete a long-distance swim in every ocean of the world. Lewis Pugh undertakes spectacular swims in the most vulnerable parts of our oceans to draw attention to their plight and to campaign for the creation of more Marine Protected Areas. Lewis Pugh is a maritime lawyer. He read International Law at Cambridge University. He is also an internationally renowned inspirational speaker. He undertakes speeches to governments, businesses, schools and universities across the globe.

In Norway, Pugh is best known for having swum the length of Norway’s longest fjord, Sognefjord. The 127-mile swim took him 21 days. His toughest swim was across the North Pole in 2007 where the water was 29° F. Lewis Pugh was also the first person to swim around the North Cape, Europe's northernmost point. He also swam across a glacial lake on Mount Everest to draw attention to the melting of the glaciers.

In 2013, UK-born Pugh was appointed the UN Patron of the Oceans. The World Economic Forum has named him a Young Global Leader for his "potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world through inspiring leadership." In 2015 he was chosen as National Geographic’s ‘Adventurer of the Year’.

Lewis Pugh is Hurtigruten Foundation’s first ambassador. As ambassador, Lewis Pugh takes part in select Hurtigruten voyages, giving lectures and participating in excursions.