Nightfall over the small port town of Mehamn in Norway


Among the ports of Hurtigruten's classic route, this proud fishing village is as far north as you can get.

This intimate community is located on the small Vedvik peninsula, a part of the greater Nordkyn Peninsula. While small, Mehamn is active and growing - with a long heritage. Every year, several festivals and cultural events are hosted here. The settlement also has a vibrant nightlife, including a nightclub with frequent live music performances. It offers several accommodation establishments: a hotel, a guesthouse and a hostel, as well as a campsite for RVs/coaches.

The primary industry in Mehamn has always been fishing, and the area was originally settled because of its natural harbor and proximity to the fishing grounds. The town is a traditional fishing settlement with about 800 inhabitants. It is the transport hub of the Nordkyn Peninsula and the northernmost port of Hurtigruten. In addition to boats and ships, the preferred means of transport is the snowmobile.


Mehamn has been a trade center since the days of the Pomor trade with Russia. Svend Foyn - a whaling and shiping magnate - established the whaling station in Mehamn in 1885, and it became the largest of its kind in Finnmark County.