Hurtigruten Group – Q3 2021 Results

Hurtigruten reports today the third quarter financial results as of 30th September 2021.

All time high compared to pre-pandemic levels

The Group’s bookings are at an all-time high compared to pre-pandemic levels. All seven ships in Hurtigruten Norway returned to full operation whilst two ships from Hurtigruten Expedition resumed the operation during the third quarter. Covid-19 continued to have a significant impact on the financial performance. However, we have observed a positive trend in revenue growth. Adjusting for the Government compensation scheme, which ended in Q2 2021, the underlying revenue growth is 20.8 % quarter on quarter 2021 vs 2020. Operational cash flow in Q3 2021 showed significant improvement compared to Q3 2020. The Group is in a solid financial position with available liquidity of EUR 122m including a recent EUR 75m shareholder loan which is showing strong support from all our financial stakeholders.

Earnings Call Friday 26 November

The results will be presented during the Earnings Call scheduled on Friday 26th of November at 12:00 CET by CEO Daniel Skjeldam and CFO Torleif Ernstsen followed by Q&A.

To register for the conference call please use the link provided below: