Securing vulnerable Greenlandic children safe spaces and a brighter future

Since 1924, The Association of Greenlandic Children has worked to make life better for the children of Greenland by focusing on education, building partnerships with local forces and acknowledging local strength. ‘Sapiik’ is their effort to support and guide young people in the education system.

The goal of these associations is to improve the rights and conditions for Greenlandic children. Their desire is to be present in the same arenas as the youth of the nation, listening to their needs and wishes for the future, as well as helping to guide them in the right direction. 

Since the Hurtigruten Foundation was founded in 2015, we have supported the important work of Sapiik and The Association of Greenlandic Children. For many years now, we have proudly contributed to their continued work and important efforts in assisting vulnerable children. Moving forward, we will continue to support their work.  

"All our work is financed through funding. Support like the funding we get from Hurtigruten Foundation is crucial in supporting our youth through Sapiik," says Julie Hjorth Lynge from the association.

The funding from the Hurtigruten Foundation is helping Sapiik in their daily work. One of the main areas of focus is education and Sapiik has developed a modular course aimed at the eldest level in primary school. The modular course is built around three pillars:  

  1. Visits and presentations about educational possibilities

  2. Visits and presentations about local and national corporations 

  3. Personal growth

All three pillars are developed based on several years of research, experience and dialogue, both with the targeted group but also with experienced scholars in the educational field.  

Besides Sapiik, the association is currently working with three other efforts in Greenland. They include a “buddy” service that secures a responsible adult for vulnerable children in meeting with social authorities. There is also a focused project on looking into the increase in violence between young people from the age of 12 to 16. They also organise yearly summer camps that focus on bringing new and exciting experiences to the children. 

The association of Greenlandic children, classroom
The association of Greenlanding children, selfie

Where can I learn more?  

With MS Fram, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen you have the chance to visit Greenland and see some of the work the association is doing up close. To learn more about Sapiik and The Association of Greenlandic Children, visit their webpage

 About The Association of Greenlandic Children 

Greenlandic Children is a non-governmental association that strives to improve the rights and conditions of children in Greenland. Their main purpose is to help ensure that all Greenlandic children have a safe and prosperous future.