Eight new projects receive funding from Hurtigruten Foundation

Among the many worthy entrants in the first round of applications for 2022, the Foundation has chosen to support eight new projects in areas where Hurtigruten operates and beyond, with a total of 500,000 NOK in grants. The recipients represent a diverse set of geographies and thematic areas, but all share the common goal of making a positive impact in their local communities.

With these grants we are supporting the development of new hiking trails on the Sukkertoppen mountain in Ålesund, Norway; a long overdue beach clean-up in Forlandet National Park in Svalbard; the protection of endangered sea turtles on the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde; kayaking programmes at Cape Horn at the southern tip of Chile; the reduction of the historical human footprint on South Georgia; expanding the research facilities in the cloud forests of Ecuador; and finally, an app that gives researchers and avid whale watchers alike live access to automated image recognition of humpback whales.

The recipients are:

Turtle Foundation for the protection of endangered sea turtles on the island of Boa Vista

The project will fund rangers and volunteers conducting night patrols to protect turtles during the nesting season from June to October. In addition, it includes cleaning these beaches of plastic waste, collecting data on nesting behaviour, and relocating endangered nests to the hatchery.

Aktiv i Friluft for the beach clean-up in Forlandet National Park on Svalbard

The project will clean an area of Forlandet National Park in Svalbard that’s hard to access for the local inhabitants. Considerable amounts of marine litter are causing harm to the already vulnerable animal life there.

Sukkertoppen Vel for a new hiking trail up the Sukkertoppen mountain in Ålesund, Norway

The Sukkertoppen (Sugarloaf) is a 315m high mountain just west of Ålesund. It’s a popular hike for both locals and visitors alike, and the project will establish a new route from Osane on its north side. This will be the new main track to the top.

 Turtle Foundation
Sukkertoppen Vel
Aktiv i Friluft
Turtle Foundation, Aktiv i Friluft and Sukkertoppen Vel

Happy Whale for the development of an app that provides automated image recognition of humpback whales

The project will build a robust system architecture for automated image recognition of individual humpback whales, enabling Hurtigruten Expeditions staff and guests on ships with web access to immediately identify and access the known history of encountered humpback whales.

South Georgia Heritage Trust for their efforts to reduce the historical human footprint on South Georgia

South Georgia Heritage Trust is planning an ambitious project to clean up fuel oil, asbestos and other hazardous wastes from some of the abandoned whaling stations which are currently closed to visitors. The grant will be used to make an evaluation of the scope and cost of the project.

Mashpi Lodge to expand their research facilities in the Mashpi Reserve

The project aims to expand the Mashpi Reserve’s research station, which hosts national and international students and researchers undertaking studies of the Ecuadorian Chocó ecoregion. The research station has already discovered several new endemic species, including frogs and orchids, that exist nowhere else.

South Georgia Heritage Trust
Happy Whale
Mashpi Lodge
Happy Whale, South Georgia Heritage Trust, and Mashpi Lodge.

Cape Horn Adventures for their citizen paddling project in the Cape Horn Commune

The aim of this project is to provide future visitors to Puerto Williams, the southernmost community in the world, with kayaking programmes. The programmes will raise environmental awareness and will involve both the younger generations and the elders of the community.

Coral reef monitoring and protection in indigenous territory

This project will guide coral reef protection and fisheries management in the indigenous Guna Yala Comarca in Panama, with a standardised community-led assessment at 23 coral reef sites in the Nargana district.

Cape Horn Adventures
Coral reef
Cape Horn Adventures, Coral reef