Projects We Have Funded

We fund and collaborate with projects, researchers and enthusiasts around the world who help bring knowledge, awareness and action to our vulnerable ecosystems and endangered wildlife.

The South Georgia Heritage Trust is planning an ambitious project to make parts of the island safer for wildlife and people.

Removing Hazardous Waste from Abandoned Whaling Stations on South Georgia

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Safeguarding Nesting Turtles with Poacher Patrols and Community Engagement

Safeguarding Nesting Turtles with Poacher Patrols and Community Engagement

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 Turtle Foundation

Eight new projects receive funding from Hurtigruten Foundation

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Foundation - aktiv i friluft

Cleaning up Wildlife-Killing Plastic on Svalbard’s Remote Beaches

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Photo: Sukkertoppen Vel

Enhancing the Trails up Sukkertoppen Mountain to Encourage Sustainable Use

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A Whale seen in Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica
Photo: Yuri Choufour / Hurtigruten Expeditions

Tracking Whales Using Passengers’ Photos to Deepen their Understanding

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Combating Invasive Mice to Save Unique Seabirds from Extinction

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Foto: drferry Getty Images

Helping Community Elders Tell the Stories of Canada’s Frozen North

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Investigating Humpback Whales in Antarctica by Engaging Expedition Cruise Passengers

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Norway-HGR-102393 1920- Photo Photo Competition

Mountain Steps Help More People Access the Spectacular Nature of Norway

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An orca in the surface of the water

Hope for Endangered Orcas

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The Galápagos Petrel

Protecting Critically Endangered Petrels on the Galápagos Islands

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Climate Sentinels

Climate Sentinels

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Two Greenlandic children smiling at the camera

Securing vulnerable Greenlandic children safe spaces and a brighter future

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Mountain Summit

Seven New Projects Receive Funding

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HRF, Project, Saving near-extinct birds by eradicating rats on South Georgia, Main picture

Saving near-extinct birds by eradicating rats on South Georgia

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Penguins on a glacier in Antarctica

Tracking Antarctic penguins

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Svalbard dog rescuing team

Volunteers on Svalbard are training rescue dogs to help save lives during avalanches

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Snowy mountain under the sun

Bringing Science from the Arctic to a wider Audience

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List of All Funded Projects 2016 - 2022

Below you'll find all projects and initiatives we have funded or co-funded since our start in 2016.

Name of organization


Year granted

Amount (NOK)


South Georgia Heritage TrustHabitat Restoration Project2016100 964South Georgia
The Association of Greenlandic ChildrenSapiik2016100 964Greenland
UK Antarctica Heritage TrustMaintaining Antarctic cultural heritage201643 270Antarctica
Clean CoastBeach cleaning project201650 000Norway
SvolværCity of Lights20172017Norway
Benjamin VidarPolar Permaculture201850 000Svalbard
Nordkapp og Omegn turlagMaintenance of mountain trails in Honningsvåg201850 000Norway
Ørsta NæringskontorGrindaløde på Haukåssætra på Urke 201850 000 Norway
Hanna Saiminen KlæboeHurtigruten Ambassador20181 972Norway
South Georgia Heritage TrustHabitat Restoration Project2018102 000South Georgia
Polar Citizen Science CollectiveTo make science more available, enjoyable and impactful to polar travellers. Enhance level of polar citizen science.201880 000Arctic
Eco PantaoPlastic recycling and waste management in the Phillipines201960 000Phillipines
Eirik Audunson Skaar & Corey MorrisThe Plastic Crab - Art and knowledge against marine plastic201950 000Norway
Hearts in the IceThe first women in history to overwinter in the Arctic201950 000Svalbard
NorguideGlacier Rephotography on Svalbard- visualising Climate Change2019107 400Svalbard
Norwegian Rescue DogsTraining of avalanche rescue dogs on Svalbard2019200 000Svalbard
Svalbard TurnNeither bird nor fish - in a sea of plastic201960 000Svalbard
Challenges of AntarcticaChallenges of Antarctica 2020 Expedition201950 000Antarctica
The Association of Greenlandic ChildrenSapiik2019100 000Greenland
Naturvernforbundet i Sør-VarangerPrestøy Liftup201910 000Norway
Oceans InitiativeSouthern Resident Killer Whale Conservation in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S and Canada2019100 000USA
Perleporten KulturhusCapo Nord- establishment of ensemble in the North Cape Region201975 000Norway
Hjelmsøy VelforeningHjelmsøytreff201990 000Norway
Lenvik MunicipalityParked piano20196 000Norway
SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography & Hurtigruten Science ProgrammeMolecular Learning Laboratory 201930 280Onboard
Sea Skrova  Sea Skrova Ocean Festival201950 000Norway
Disko Arts FestivalDisko Arts Festival on Greenland 20192019191 556Greenland
Nordkapp og Omegn turlagSkipsfjorden Outdoor Area2019100 000Norway
South Georgia Heritage TrustEnriching the Visitor Experience at Grytviken2019112 623South Georgia
The Association of Greenlandic ChildrenSapiik2020100 000Greenland
World Wildlife Federation (WWF)Plastic in the Ocean2020200 000Global
Norwegian Sea Rescue Society / RedningsselskapetSafety along the Norwegian coastline2020200 000Norway
Artist Erika KimberlyRestoration of Iconic Midnight Sun Shoe Mosaic in Honningsvåg202040 000Norway
Træna KommuneVoluntary Week Træna (Dugnadsuke Træna) 2020100 000Norway
RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Gough Island Restoration2020100 000Gough Island / Tristan da Cunha
Climate Sentinels Climate Sentinels expedition202090 000Svalbard
California Oceans Alliance OrganisationDetermining the amount of plastic exposure in the world’s largest predators in the most remote wilderness on the planet202088 000Antarctica
OceanitesChanges in the Vastly Warmed Antarctic Peninsula2020183 248Antarctica
The Association of Greenlandic ChildrenSapiik2021100 000Greenland
Oceanites, Inc. Changes in the Vastly Warmed Antarctic Peninsula2021183 248Antartica
RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Gough Island Restoration2021100 000Gough Island / Tristan da Cunha
KulturskolenStøtte til nye instrumenter (Navnseremoni - FN)202130 000Svalbard
Projects chosen by Hearts in the Ice202145 000Svalbard
Fundación de Conservación JocotocoProtection of the critically endangered Galapagos Petrel202184 168Galapagos
Honningsvåg Turn og Idrettsforening & Nordkapptrappas venner (Friends of the North Cape Steps)Construction of the North Cape Steps2021100 000Norway
Maria Rossi (Individual)Book project: On thin ice202175 000Svalbard
Oceans InitiativeSouthern Resident Killer Whale Conservation in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S and Canada202144 500
The Municipality of Cambridge BayItqaumavit (A Place of Memories) Welcome Park 2021100 000Canada
Universidad de los AndesMarine Mammal Conservation in Antarctica: a Citizen Science Initiative202175 000Antarctica
Ushuaia te abrazaKnowing our birds and environment202121 306Argentina
California Oceans AllianceGiving Tuesday20212 400USA
Aktiv i FriluftMajor beach clean-up on the western shore of Prins Karls Forland 2022100 000Svalbard
Cape Horn AdventuresCitizen paddling in the Cape Horn Commune 202265 000Chile
Happy WhaleAccessible whale science aboard 202250 000USA
MarAllianceImplementing participatory coral reef monitoring and protection in the Panama‘s indigenous territory of Guna Yala202250 000Panama
Mashpi LodgeIncreasing research facilities at Mashpi Reserve 202250 000Ecuador
South Georgia Heritage TrustReducing the historical footprint on South Georgia 202250 000South Georgia
Sukkertoppen VelNew hiking tracks to Sukkertoppen (Sugarloaf Mountain) in Ålesund202250 000Norway
Turtle FoundationProtection of endangered sea turtles on the island of Boa Vista/Cape Verde 202285 000Cape Verde