Ship Manifest Information Form (SMIF)

For guests travelling on MS Otto Sverdrup (from Hamburg)

Before sailing from one country to another, it is an important legal requirement for every guest to complete a Ship Manifest Information Form (SMIF).

Additional information you provide in the form about special needs or requests will help us make your voyage on MS Otto Sverdrup (from Germany to Norway) smoother and more enjoyable.

All passengers (not just the Lead Passenger) must complete and submit the form at least 60 days before departure.

Only after you complete and submit the form can we then send you your travel documents. You’ll need these documents to be allowed to board the ship and check-in on the first day of your voyage.

Please also review your passport/National ID & visa entry requirements for voyages on the Svalbard Express.

GDPR & Data Protection

In completing this form, you are providing us with personal information which we process in accordance with the GDPR and our Privacy Policy. The information contained in sections 1-5 is essential information that is processed either on the basis of contractual necessity or in order to comply with legal obligations placed on us. The information in section 6 is not essential but may help us to make your trip more comfortable.

By providing us with this information, you are giving us your explicit consent to process that data for this purpose. You can see more information about how we handle your data by clicking here.