1893 Ambassador Loyalty Programme

A couple is standing on a viewpoint overlooking Hjørundfjorden. Vestcoast, Norway

As a member of 1893 Ambassador, we bring you exclusive offers, benefits, discounts, and newsletters packed with inspiring articles on faraway destinations.

1893 Ambassador is open for all travel enthusiasts regardless of if you have travelled with us or not and it is of course free of charge.

As a member, you'll receive access to discounts and benefits from both Hurtigruten and HX.

Level 1 - Featured benefits

Level 1 is for all you travel enthusiasts out there. You can start taking advantage of your Level 1 membership from the moment you receive your membership number. Sign up to unlock your 1893 Ambassador partner rewards and discount codes.

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Free Wi-Fi

Option6 Welcome Gift HRN

Level 1 | Level 2

Welcome gift in the cabin upon arrival


Level 1 | Level 2

5% discount on excursions

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Level 1

10% discount at the Helly Hansen online shop


Level 1

Save 10% on all Bracenet products

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Level 1

10% discount on all CEWE photo finishing products


Level 1

Save 10% on all Waterhaul products


Level 1 | Level 2

Wanderlust: Save 80% off a digital subscription and 66% off a print subscription


Level 1 | Level 2

15% on all Strawberry Hotels in the Nordic and Baltics


Level 1 | Level 2

Save 20% on all Lofoten Seaweed Salts

Level 2 - Featured benefits (PLUS all level 1 benefits)

To become a Level 2 member, travel with us for 3 or more consecutive nights and 24 hours post travel, your membership will be automatically upgraded to Level 2. If you already meet this criteria when you sign up, you’ll start your membership at Level 2.

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Level 2

5% discount on all Hurtigruten voyages


Level 2

5% discount on all HX voyages

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Level 2

5% discount on Hurtigruten Svalbard hotels and activities

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Level 2

20% discount at the Helly Hansen online shop


Level 2

Save 12% on all Bracenet products


Level 2

15% discount on all CEWE products


Level 2

Save 20% on all Waterhaul products


Level 2

50% admission discount 20% on souvenirs

Not an 1893 Ambassador Member?

As a member, you'll receive access to discounts and benefits from both Hurtigruten and HX and from our selected partners from the moment you sign up. To take advantage of these great discounts, join today.

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1893 Ambassador is free and open to anyone interested in travelling. You can sign up right here. If you would like to invite others to become members, you can share the same link.

Among other things, your membership comes with a range of benefits with the Hurtigruten Group, including discounts on all our expedition cruises and coastal voyages.

You will also get reduced prices and unique benefits from our selected partners.

When booking online, enter your Ambassador number along with your other personal information. The shopping cart will then be updated accordingly and if applicable, any discounts will be deducted.

Since the savings are added at the very last stage in the booking process, the guest will not see the discounted fare price on the fares and availability page. The discounted fare will be displayed in the shopping cart and on your invoice.

As an 1893 Ambassador, you receive 5% off all excursions. You can book pre-travel online for all new bookings from 16th March 2023 or via our Contact Centre if you have an existing booking made prior to 16th March and would like to add excursions. Please note the discount may take a few days to apply to any existing bookings. 

You can also use this discount when you book excursions on board. Remember to quote your membership number at the time of booking to ensure your discount is applied.

If booking online, the membership number is added in the last part of the reservation so you will not see a reduced price on the offer page, but it will be visible when the order is added to the shopping cart / invoice.

1893 Ambassador is a cardless programme, but you will receive a welcome email with your unique membership number and level shortly after signing up to the program. You can also find your membership details in the header of each of our monthly newsletters.

All our partners provide fantastic offers and benefits to our members. To find out more about these, you can click the relevant links under Level 1 and Level 2 above.

As a member of 1893 Ambassador, you will elect to receive information on the programme from the Hurtigruten Group so you’re always up to date on your benefits and opportunities.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to opt-out of receiving e-mails or other communication from the Ambassador programme.

Find out more about 1893 Ambassador terms and conditions.

You can unsubscribe from 1893 Ambassador here.

When you unsubscribe, you will lose access to the benefits you have as a member and we will no longer contact you. You can re-subscribe at any time.

If you choose to re-subscribe, you will join at the same membership level you had before unsubscribing. So, if you are currently a Level 2 member, you would start again at Level 2 when you re-subscribe at a later date.