Antarctica: Follow Your Curiosity

The coldest, driest and windiest place on earth - where the penguins outnumber the people, there are only two seasons and no time zones. Discover this vast, breath-taking frozen continent with us.

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An adventure like no other

Actively explore this icy continent, the fifth largest in the world. Antarctica is a pure and fragile environment, which is why sustainability and conservation are at the heart of what we do. We are the founding members of AECO and IAATO, which work to protect polar waters. Our small expedition ships and excursions allow you to become fully immersed in the many wonders that the frozen continent has to offer. And with an abundance of rich wildlife and stunning natural snow-capped beauty, there is no better way to explore Antarctica than on an expedition cruise.

Where will your curiosity take you?

Our Antarctic Expedition Cruises will bring you closer to the last true wilderness on earth and the home of nearly 12 million penguins.

Meet the fleet: Your home away from home

We have three ships that set sail for the frozen wonderland of Antarctica, including two of our environmentally friendly hybrid ships. MS Roald Amundsen was the first of our two-hybrid ships built-in 2019 followed by MS Fridtjof Nansen in 2020, both leading the way towards an even more sustainable way of travelling. MS Fram, is a purpose-built expedition vessel refurbished in 2020, so whichever ship you choose to sail on, you’ll have an experience like no other.

Hurtigruten at Orne Harbour, Antarctica - Photo Credit: Karsten Bidstrup

Hurtigruten at Orne Harbour, Antarctica - Photo Credit: Karsten Bidstrup

Sustainable exploration

Our expedition cruises come with a full programme of activities designed to immerse you in the many wonders our destinations have to offer. Led by our Expedition Teams, they are experts on safety and sustainability, they will make sure you soak up incredible knowledge and guarantee you’ll leave the lightest of footprints in this incredible environment. You can be brave and go for a polar plunge or stay above the water and glide across it in a kayak or small explorer boat. You can go hiking or snow-shoeing, and there’s even an opportunity to get up close to the incredible wildlife.

Kayak Exploration in Antarctica

Kayak Exploration in Antarctica

Digital Magazine: Expect the Unexpected

In this latest issue of our Digital Magazine, take a deep dive and learn so much more about incredible Antarctica. Meet one of Hurtigruten’s most experienced Antarctic expedition leaders, Tudor Morgan. Having spent the last 25 years exploring the seventh continent, there isn't much about this frozen wonderland that Tudor doesn't know. We also take a look at our Citizen Science projects and how you can contribute to important scientific research whilst onboard one of our Antarctic expeditions, plus so much more.

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