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1893 Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions

In order to become a member of our Customer Loyalty Program, you must read and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Service Benefits and Discounts / Advantages and Services

  • You will receive a 5% discount on your next Explorer expedition.
  • You will receive a 5% discount on your next Norwegian Coastal cruise.
  • You will receive a 5% discount on select excursions.
  • These discounts are applicable to brochure prices, early booking prices, and group prices.
  • This discount can only be combined with other special offers, if it is specifically stated in that offer's terms and conditions.
  • This discount applies to the voyage price only, excluding flights and transfers.
  • When combined with an early booking discount, or other savings, this Customer Loyalty Program discount is deducted from the early booking/offer price.
  • Senior citizen discounts cannot be combined with the Customer Loyalty Program discount.
  • Select excursions available at this 5% discount, are only bookable on board.
  • As a, 1893 Amabassador, you will receive a complimentary gift in your cabin upon embarkation.

The above 1893 Ambassador benefits will be provided if the membership number is stated at the time of booking, and the card is presented upon check in for the voyage. The benefits are valid for all expeditions and coastal Norway cruises.

 2. Conditions 

Membership of the 1893 Ambassador Program is available to the following guests who, at the time of registration:

  • Have traveled with us for at least three nights in a row on a previous single journey;
  • Are at least 18 years old.

Membership is complimentary. Companies, societies, authorities, and employees of Hurtigruten are excluded from becoming members.

3. Registration

Membership registration is made in writing, by submitting the application form from the 1893 Ambassador Program registration brochure on board or online. Couples who share the same address only need to complete and submit one registration (in both of their names). To register, use the first and last name of the person named on the invoice from your most recent Hurtigruten expedition. 

We will only issue one card per household. Members do not need to apply for a second card for fellow travelers. If you lose or damage your membership card, you can ask us for a free replacement card (see Item 10: “Contact”).

4. Membership Terms and Termination

We will send a membership card to you within four to eight weeks after you have registered, at the mailing address you provide. This card confirms your membership, which begins as soon as you receive it. 

You may end your membership in the program at any time, without notice. You will need to do so by writing to your local Hurtigruten contact at the office address shown below (see Item 10: “Contact”). 

Hurtigruten may close the 1893 Ambassador Program at any time, with three months' notice. We may give this required notice by publishing it on our homepage. The right to extraordinary termination is not affected by this.

Hurtigruten can terminate your membership without notice and without providing reasons, if you have violated the conditions of entry. 

5. Transferability and Scope

You cannot transfer your membership and the associated benefits and services to anyone else. The 5% discount as part of the 1893 Ambassador Program only applies to the cardholder named on the membership card and their companion(s) who travel(s) in the same cabin. The 5% discount on selected excursions booked on board Norwegian Coastal cruises applies to the cardholder and a maximum of one traveling companion.

6. Validity

Your membership begins as soon as you receive your card in the mail. Hurtigruten has the right to change the entry conditions, terms, and content of the 1893 Ambassador Program, at any time. 

7. Liability

Our liability for services of the 1893 Ambassador Program is based on the cruise contract for the member on board. You are not entitled to an equivalent amount in cash, if we happen to fail to provide or use a service of the 1893 Ambassador Program.

8. Data Protection Declaration

We cannot grant you membership in the program, if you do not provide us with your name, email address, mailing address, and date of birth, at the time of application. As a member of this program, you accept that Hurtigruten will store your personal data and use it to manage its own database of members, as well as for its own communication purposes.

Hurtigruten will not pass on your personal information to third parties. However, we may give your address data to the mail-order companies who organize the mailing campaigns for our own information material. These mail-order companies are not allowed to pass on your data to any other company or person.

9. Cancellation Instructions

You can, at any time, choose to have your personal data removed after registering for the 1893 Ambassador Program (see Item 10: “Contact”). 

10. Contact

If you have questions regarding the 1893 Ambassador Program, or to book your next cruise, please contact us at: 

E-mail: [email protected]