Certified Hurtigruten Specialists in Nevada

Book your Hurtigruten trip with the help of a Certified Hurtigruten Specialists. The travel professionals listed below know our cruises inside and out and can make the most out of your next adventure.

Note: The list of Certified Hurtigruten Specialists is categorized alphabetical order by city.

Agency Name Agent Name Email Address Phone Number Location
A Destination TravelPaige MacDonald[email protected](702) 248-1234Henderson NV 89012 USA
Avoya Travel, LLCCathy Light[email protected](305) 677-2308Henderson NV 89014 USA
Expedia CruiseShipCentersWilliam Dautrich[email protected](702) 720-1880Henderson NV 89052 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Eleanor Adams[email protected](702) 581-8283Henderson NV 89014 USA
Altour (Las Vegas)Charlene Fuentes[email protected](702) 968-1600Las Vegas NV 89147 USA
Avoya Travel, LLCLydia Santiago[email protected](702) 331-6257Las Vegas NV 89123 USA
Cruise Planners, Inc. (Main)Erin Paul[email protected](805) 535-3600Las Vegas NV 89149 USA
Travel ExcellenceKaren Heroy[email protected](702) 655-3769Las Vegas NV 89129-1819 USA
YTB Travel NetworkInken Hiller[email protected](954) 494-3419Las Vegas NV 89131 USA
Prestige Travel Inc. (Tripreservations.com)Caitlin Ruby[email protected](702) 251-5552Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Cruise Planners, Inc. (Main)Michael Labrada[email protected](702) 565-5723Las Vegas NV 89142 USA
Expedia CruiseShipCentersTrish Feinberg[email protected](702) 431-7000Las Vegas NV 89134 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Isaac Diaz[email protected](702) 946-8784Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Kris Gallardo[email protected](702) 251-5552Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Brandy Ward[email protected](702) 946-5285Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Rebekah Fuchs[email protected](702) 946-8762Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Diane Hamilton[email protected](702) 946-5286Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Sharline Cisneros[email protected](702) 946-5200Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Lyn Meers[email protected](702) 254-7633Las Vegas NV 89117 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Amanda Mcintyre[email protected](702) 251-5552Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Bridget Leonheart[email protected](702) 576-7112Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Chloe Tebault[email protected](702) 325-4045Las Vegas NV 89119 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Christina Hirmer[email protected](702) 946-8754Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Robert Kauo[email protected](702) 946-5296Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Yvette Morales[email protected](702) 251-5552Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Merrie Sevarge[email protected](702) 946-8729Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Prestige Travel Inc.Dagny Rotheiser[email protected](702) 946-8736Las Vegas NV 89146 USA
Business Travel & ToursLaurie Smith[email protected](775) 324-1777Reno NV 89509 USA
Nexion, LLCDenise Jahn[email protected](408) 280-6410Reno NV 89523 USA
Cruise Planners, Inc. (Main)Brad Lee[email protected](775) 230-6999Reno NV 89511 USA
KHM Travel GroupPamela Brooks[email protected](775) 623-9074Winnemucca NV 89445 USA