Certified Hurtigruten Specialists in Alberta

Book your Hurtigruten trip with the help of a Certified Hurtigruten Specialists. The travel professionals listed below know our cruises inside and out and can make the most out of your next adventure.

Note: The list of Certified Hurtigruten Specialists is categorized alphabetical order by city.

Agency Name Agent Name Email Address Phone Number Location
AMA Travel Calgary ShawnessyJennifer Richardson[email protected](403) 254-7369Calgary AB T2Y 3W5 CANADA
AMA Travel Calgary CrowfootShauna Dube[email protected](403) 241-4205Calgary AB T3G 3N5 CANADA
Expedia CruiseShipCenters (Fish Creek)Marjorie Cousins[email protected](403) 720-6773Calgary AB T3B 6G3 CANADA
JC Travel LtdJoanne Paterson[email protected](403) 932-2154Cochrane AB T4C 2J1 CANADA
JC Travel LtdRobert Paterson[email protected](403) 932-2154Cochrane AB T4C 2J1 CANADA
Courtesy Travel Consultants Ltd.MJ Ilchuk[email protected](780) 465-9388Edmonton AB T5K 2T3 CANADA
Expedia CruiseShipCentersDiane Kowal[email protected](780) 406-1472Edmonton AB T5A 5C9 CANADA
Expedia CruiseShipCentersTammy Gano[email protected](780) 884-0855Edmonton AB T6M 0R7 CANADA
Expedia CruiseShipCenters (Belmont)Matthew White[email protected](780) 349-1682Edmonton AB T5A 5C9 CANADA
The Travel DeskAlison Broughton[email protected](780) 968-1173Spruce Grove AB T7X 3Y1 CANADA
The Travel DeskNed Ambrus[email protected](780) 968-1173Spruce Grove AB T7Z 3Y1 CANADA
Uniglobe One TravelDianne Anderson[email protected](403) 550-5902Red Deer AB T4E 1Y6 CANADA
Rock-it TravelKevin Sharp[email protected](403) 986-2161Red Deer AB T4R 3N9 CANADA
Newwest Travel LTDBarbara McAuley[email protected](780) 387-6209Wetaskiwin AB T9A 2E8 CANADA
Escape JourneysHeather Folkins[email protected](780) 939-5865Wetslock AB T7P 1T6 CANADA