Enjoy guiding from deck as we pass highlights and points of interest.

Onboard activities and lectures along the Norwegian Coast

Enjoy the art of relaxation as you cruise the Norwegian coast with great views and good company. Our expedition teams are on board to enhance your voyage with a series of lectures and enrichment activities.

Live in the Moment

Hurtigruten’s atmosphere is informal and welcoming. There’s no dress code and no loud, flashy entertainment. It’s up to you to pick your own pace to unwind. After an active day of hiking on shore, sink into a cosy armchair and finish that book. Or work on a jigsaw puzzle in the homely Multe bakery.

Others might prefer to recharge by hitting the onboard gym. Follow that with a sauna sweat before relaxing in the outdoor hot tub. The expedition team will also keep you busy on board with lectures and presentations.

After a few days on board, your stresses will have faded away - soothed by the stunning Norwegian coast and the charming rhythm of life on board.

Show-stopping Scenery

For good reason, the only show on our ships is the fantastic scenery we sail through. Hours can be spent simply gazing, mesmerised by the ever-changing Norwegian coast. The smaller size of our ships allows us to hug the coastline, affording you unique close-ups of mountain cliffs, fjord-side cabins, and local flora and fauna.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the Panorama lounge maximize these views while observation decks are the place to be whenever the magnificent Northern Lights make an appearance. The restaurants boast plenty of windows too, so you’ll never miss a sight, even when dining.

Activity Leaders

Our expedition teams are dedicated to enriching your travel experience, bringing the Norwegian coast to life with their personal perspectives.

Many of the team grew up and live on the coast and they love few things better than sharing their knowledge with you in an informal and social way, such as swapping stories about the day’s hikes and adventures over casual evening gatherings.

Facts, Food and Photos

Specialists in a variety of topics, our expedition teams will be your hosts on board, taking the lead on optional lectures ranging from natural phenomena, botany, wildlife, and glaciology to fishing traditions, Viking history, and local lore. In addition to more traditional presentations, whenever weather permits, the expedition team also deliver out-on-deck guiding at special points of interest along the sailing route.

These sessions may sometimes be combined with tastings of seasonal local specialties, such as fresh shrimps in the Lyngenfjord in spring, cloudberries during autumn, freshly cooked fishcakes for winter, or "Trollsoup" in the summer when we sail into the Trollfjord.

The expedition team will also get involved with the traditional Arctic Circle crossing rituals and draw special attention to natural phenomena, namely the Northern Lights in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer. As Canon-certified photographers, the expedition team also offer expert tips and tricks to capture these photogenic moments.

Want more adventure?

The expedition teams have carefully developed a range of hikes that explore some of the most scenic spots of the Norwegian coast. Norwegians are well known for their passion for being outdoors in pristine nature; a passion so strong it has its own name: friluftsliv.

These hikes are all about following the charming traditions of friluftsliv and seeing the superb natural beauty of the Norwegian coast up close. To explore Norway’s coastline in other ways, there are up to 90 seasonal excursions to choose from, each graded according to four effort levels. These local experiences take you on land to see iconic places such as the North Cape and the Lofoten Islands, and also offer more challenging activities such as kayaking and snowmobiling.

Find your cruise in Norway

Norway is a land characterized by mountains, deep fjords, lakes, glaciers and wild nature. On top of that, it's also the land of the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun.

The spectacular coastline cannot be described, you really need to see it for yourself. We want to show you the real, authentic side of Norway:

  • get close to nature
  • see the magnificent fjords
  • eat great local food
  • spot the amazing wildlife