MyPage has been removed

Did you have an account? This is what it means for you.

In an effort to enhance user experience and simplify the booking process, MyPage has been removed from the Hurtigruten website.

If you previously had a MyPage account, you will still be registered with your most recent contact details with us. You can update your contact information by contacting our customer service team by email or phone.

If you would like to add services to your booking, such as cabin upgrades, excursions, beverage packages, hotels, flights and airport transfers, please contact our customer service team by email or phone.

Contact us here.

1893 Ambassador

The removal of MyPage does not affect our customer loyalty programme, 1893 Ambassador. If you already have an 1893 account, your information is safely stored with us. If you want to register for our loyalty programme, please read more about it or become a member.