Svolvær – Explore Norway’s Untamed Islands

The Lofoten Islands appear flung from North Norway´s mainland across the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea far above the Arctic Circle.

This rare wilderness outpost features vast landscapes of majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches. If you seek unforgettable experiences in nature, Lofoten will not let you down. Svolvær is the region´s administrative hub, with many shops, galleries and the Lofoten Kulturhus. The goat-like peak Svolværgeita looms above the town and is a challenge to climbers.

Most of Lofoten’s accommodations are here. Svolvær is also one of the most important harbors in North Norway for maritime services. Fishing has been, and still is, to a degree, the reason people have lived here for more than 1,000 years. Many inhabitants have traditionally combined year-round fishing with running small farms. Seasonal cod fishing has been and still is the most important fishery here.