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Do you need travel insurance for a cruise?

As you plan for your cruise travel, you may wonder whether you'll need to purchase travel insurance for the occasion.

As you plan for your cruise travel, you may wonder whether you'll need to purchase travel insurance for the occasion. Here, we'll examine the reasons you may wish to purchase travel insurance for your cruise, and you can see whether any of these apply to you.

Possible cancellation

You never know when you'll need to cancel travel plans - perhaps you found out your daughter is pregnant and the cruise is close to her due date, for example - travel insurance may be a worthwhile investment. You will need to find travel insurance that will cover cancellations, and keep in mind that there is usually a structure that will reimburse less and less of your total costs as time goes on. Often you will need to add a cancel-for-any-reason a la carte option to your travel insurance for this reason.

Health issues

If you or your traveling companion has known health issues, it is likely best for you to purchase travel insurance. Your personal insurance is not likely to be accepted overseas, and should the need for care arise, you will need to pay for it somehow. Travel insurance can reimburse you or cover your costs for medical care, which will mean you do not need to pay a large amount out of pocket for medical care you truly need. Add-ons are also generally available for medical coverage as well, if you would like more coverage or a lower deductible.

Unforeseeable events

No matter how meticulously you plan your trip, there are certain events that you simply can't foresee. Extremely bad weather that causes a cruise cancellation is one of these, which cruise insurance can cover. Although no one likes to consider it, life circumstances change. If you have been planning cruise travel for quite some time but unexpectedly and involuntarily lose your job, travel insurance can reimburse you and ensure you do not have to cancel a trip you can no longer afford at a loss. There are smaller possible emergencies that travel insurance can help with, too. Should the airline lose your bags, travel insurance can reimburse you for the value of your luggage, for example.

As the investment in a cruise is typically high - as is the value of the experience - ensuring you have as few possible outlays as you can during the cruise itself is crucial.