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Do romantic cruises have to be cheesy?

If you and your sweetheart are even the slightest bit unconventional, the typical cruise romance trappings might put you off.

There are plenty of articles around that talk about how romantic cruises are for honeymoons, anniversaries and general celebrations of love. If you and your sweetheart are even the slightest bit unconventional, though, the descriptions of roses, chocolate, champagne and beaches may not be very appealing. Is there such a thing as a cruise you'll find romantic that won't be too sugary-sweet and typical? We think so. Read on to find out about romantic cruises to destinations you probably haven't thought about before:

Chill in Antarctica

If you and your partner thrive on new experiences and adventure, consider a cruise to Antarctica together. You can meet penguins, see whales and take an excursion onto the frozen land itself. While Antarctica can't give you days on end sunning on a beach, it does provide you and your significant other with something fascinating to do together that you'll remember forever - and really, isn't that a little more romantic than an endless parade of tropical drinks?  

Explore Norway

No matter what you and your other half are into, a Norway cruise will have plenty for you to do. From art museums and cultural landmarks like stave churches from the Viking era to outdoor adventures, the country can provide endless opportunities for bonding. It's an especially good choice if one of you is a serious photographer, or if you just want a few good couple selfies to take home. The fjords are stunning, and even amateurs with a smartphone camera can create beautiful scenes there.

The inherent romance of a cruise

Even if you're not big on tropical destinations, you shouldn't write off a cruise with your dearest - as the ideas above show. Forget about the roses or the complimentary champagne. Instead, think about how the romance of a vacation is in the little things, like spending a lot of uninterrupted time with your partner in a way that you usually can't in the midst of work and other commitments. Forging new memories together will bring you closer and make you happier than if you'd spent your vacation fund on another cool gadget. Besides, any chance to bask in each other's company is probably a really good bet for romance for any couple. Add in the stunning natural backdrops cruise destinations like Norway and Antarctica offer and you've got romance no one can deny.