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Creating the perfect expedition with a companion

As you know, the best way to create a cruise travel experience you enjoy is to understand your own travel style.

As you know, the best way to create a cruise travel experience you enjoy is to understand your own travel style. With that information, you can make your choices conform to what you'll naturally want to do, whether you're an explorer at heart or a culture aficionado through and through. When you're planning to take a trip with someone close to you, however, the equation gets a little more complicated. There's always compromise, and that's healthy in any relationship, but you can also construct a vacation that will suit both of you perfectly instead of mostly satisfying most of your individual needs. That's where cruise travel comes in for savvy travelers - there are so many options that it's possible to go together on a trip that delights everyone involved. Here are a few options for anyone feeling a little discord with their prospective travel partner:

An explorer and a historian: Antarctica

If you want nothing more than to have experiences that get your adrenaline pumping, but your friend or partner is interested in learning historical facts and seeing important sights, think about taking a cruise to Antarctica. There are plenty of opportunities for you to let your adventuring spirit out to play, from boat rides to encounters with penguins. Your partner or friend can hunt down the numerous historical places on the continent, from the sites of doomed expeditions to active research stations with rich pasts. The history of Antarctica is a fascinating one, with plenty of daring deeds and international cooperation. In fact, if you're really into adventure, you might not even mind accompanying your traveling companion to a few historical sites where explorers made their homes.

A culture junkie and an explorer: Norway

If you're all about museums, little-known districts of interesting towns and sampling regional delicacies, you're a very lucky traveler. You have the capacity to be delighted by just about any destination. If the person you want to travel with is all about adventure and an authentic experience, consider taking a trip to Norway. There are many excursions you can take from a Norway cruise, ranging from a day on the fjords - sure to satisfy both members of your traveling party - to more specific pursuits. If you like, you can roam historic Norwegian cities while your partner cycles to his or her heart's content, or tries out kayaking, skiing and even dog-sledding. Many couples who travel together say some time apart during the day does them good - and that they'll meet up without fail over dinner on the ship to compare experiences too.

A historian and a culture junkie: Europe

Europe is one of the best destinations imaginable for a couple who is interested equally in history and culture. Deciding where to go within Europe can be a hassle, but consider cruise travel. You can journey from Lisbon to Amsterdam in a matter of days, only unpack once and have the opportunity to get all the history and culture you can handle during shore excursions. This is also an ideal beginning to a grand European tour - perhaps you can journey back to some of your favorite destinations by land and take them in more fully as a post-cruise activity. Whether you're interested in the beautiful architecture of Spain or the untouched beauty of Jersey, there will be something for the two of you to enjoy together. Walking tours abound, including those that end at restaurants - where even the person with the staunchest historical interest will appreciate some local gastronomical culture.