The unparalleled majesty of the often overlooked Hjørundfjord

The Hjørundfjord is one of the many waterways situated along Norway's Atlantic coastline, resting in an area known as Sunnmørsalpene.

The Hjørundfjord is one of the many waterways situated along Norway's Atlantic coastline, resting in an area known as Sunnmørsalpene. While it offers some of the most gorgeous views in the world, Hjørundfjord is often overlooked by travelers hoping to experience the brilliance of this Scandinavian country - until now. In autumn, Hurtigruten cruises in Norway will allow passengers to take the excursion of a lifetime to visit this pristine natural sanctuary. Book your spot today on one of many classic fall voyages to experience an absolutely breathtaking Norwegian fjord that is like nothing else in the entire world!

The beauty of the Hjørundfjord

You will begin in the coastal city of Ålesund - a community renowned for its distinctive Art Nouveau-inspired designs and architecture. From there, your journey will take you a little further inland to the mouth of the spectacular Hjørundfjord. This flowing waterway cuts a path through the towering peaks found throughout the region, though their close proximity to the sea makes them quite unique even in Norway. The three most popular mountains - Slogen, Skårasalen and Kolåstind - offer tourists a massive selection of hiking trails that allow them to gaze out over some of the most impressive vistas on the planet. 

Legendary British mountain climber William Cecil Slingsby visited the area back in 1884 and described his view from the top of Mount Slogen in his journal as "the proudest in Europe," adding "nowhere else will you find such a view." The untamed and robust natural beauty of Sunnmørsalpene is truly a sight to behold, which is why Slingsby returned more than 40 times to repeat what he considered to be Europe's greatest ascent. With peaks that reach altitudes of up to 1,700 meters above sea level, stunning mountain scenery, suspended glaciers and the Hjørundfjord flowing beneath, this picturesque perch stands out as one of the more beautiful locales during your autumn cruise vacations.

Other hiking options

While Slogen, Skårasalen and Kolåstind are widely regarded as the most popular peaks in the region, there are a few others that offer different experiences for various types of travelers. Families often prefer the tamer ascent up the slopes of Jønshorn, Randers Topp and Mohns Topp, which rise to heights of 1,419 meters, 1,414 meters and 1,340 meters respectively. However, you don't even need to make it to the peak to enjoy these incredible views. While these mountains may not climb into the clear blue skies as high as their neighbors, they still provide some phenomenal vistas of the Hjørundfjord and surrounding region. 

Local communities

Your Hurtigruten adventure will also take you through some of the mountainside communities situated around this tranquil waterway. Learn about the local customs of native peoples and share in some of the delicious cuisine only available here in the mountains. So, leave your modern conveniences and electronic gadgets at home and experience the untamed serenity and natural splendor that can only be found here at the Hjørundfjord!