Spend the holidays on a Norway cruise

What did you do last Christmas?

What did you do last Christmas? As much as most of us love the holiday, it can be a huge stress - especially if your family hosts the whole extended clan and cooks for them all. If you're looking for something new to do, perhaps because the kids are grown or simply because you and your partner would really like to spend the holidays alone together, consider a Norway cruise. Few other countries take the yuletide season as seriously as Norway does. You'll encounter a ton of seasonal food and drink, as well as festivities that take place in the midst of the most wonderland-like winter landscapes you could possibly ask for. You might even see the northern lights! It's perfectly possible to be on a cruise on Christmas Day itself, too, so you don't need to alter your celebration schedule to fit the trip. Here's a bit more on holiday cruising and why so many people choose it:

Let someone else entertain you

While it's a lot of fun to create a holiday atmosphere for your family, it can be equally great to let the staff of a ship do so. Even on a no-frills cruise that focuses on the destination, you're sure to know it's Christmas time. Your ports of call and the activities you choose to do there will also inform you very clearly of the holiday in progress. You can soak in the good feelings, warm food and festive drink without lifting a finger in the kitchen or making up activities to entertain your kids and the rest of the family.

Give yourself a fun excursion for Christmas

Even though it's not quite traditional, a few of the cruise excursions you can have in Norway over the winter holidays are nothing short of magical. What about dog sledding over a beautiful winter landscape, chilling at an ice hotel or having a decadent Viking feast? If you don't feel it's Christmas without attending a religious service of some kind, you can even get to some of the world's most beautiful cathedrals and churches in Norway and satisfy that requirement there, too.

Take advantage of a more intimate experience

Though holiday cruising is very popular on large lines with warm-weather destinations, most of your fellow travelers won't think to spend the festive season in Norway. This means you'll avoid the kind of crowds you'd find if you went south with the weather - and avoid the price hikes those lines can make over the holidays as well. If your idea of Christmas is all about winter adventures, consider a Norway cruise as a present to yourself and the family.