A multimedia snapshot in Tromsø

In a land brimming with natural wonders, it can be easy to throw all things digital overboard.

In a land brimming with natural wonders, it can be easy to throw all things digital overboard. But Tromsø features a couple of attractions that bring multimedia to the forefront, providing a unique and tasteful background to Norway excursions. On your cruises in Norway, you might meander to these multimedia draws:


Polaria is an Arctic-themed experience center with films that cover the Land of the Northern Lights and Spitsbergen. For any first timers in the country, this center makes for an informative and entertaining multimedia introduction to northern Norway and Svalbard. Visitors can enjoy films about Arctic wildnerness on five screens before heading down an arctic walkway leading to tundra-themed exhibitions. The facility climaxes with its aquarium of cold-water fish and a trio of bearded seals from Spitsbergen. 

Perspektivet Museum

Built in 1831, this house showcases photo exhibitions illustrating Tromsø's history. Temporary displays come up every now and then. Beyond Perspektivet, visitors will run into more early 19th century timber buildings that have survived in the city center. The stretch of 1830s shops and merchant's homes along Sjøgata fascinate travelers. 

Tromsø War Museum

Take a look at the exhibition on the legacy of war in Norway, dating back from 1250 to present. One of the highlights is the restored German naval battery, complete with cannons and mine throwers. The subterranean command bunker is another hit, renovated and furnished with communication and optical equipment from World War II. 

The "Tirpitz" exhibition, a permanent collection of objects, text and images, holds a fearsome battleship. The vessel was a major threat to Allied convoys that transported war material to the Russians through the Atlantic and Barents seas, as well as other heavy surface vessels. 

Walk into the next room where you'll find the German retreat from the Lenigrad frontier through Finland to Troms. 

Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art

This center is one of Norway's leading galleries for contemporary art. Explore rotating exhibitions, such as the Beauty and Truth with local Sami art, before making your way to innovative videos. In the past, films have included projects based on popular English novels, artistic journeys and social media input. New exhibits open regularly, keeping this museum on the cutting edge of fresh material. To cap off the visit, head to the Floating Forest, a sculpture garden installed outside.